One Bet Racing Review

One Bet Racing is a relatively new release from the BetInfo 24 stable of tipsters. It is a horse racing tipster service (as the name implies) with selections actually coming courtesy of tipster, Ian.

Introduction to One Bet Racing

If there is one thing that I have come to appreciate as fa as tipster services go, it is just how much diversity there is amongst them. Honestly, it feels like in the digital age, there are so many different approaches to betting and horse racing that every man and his dog has something new.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this you understand, but with some of these more complicated approaches comes a much more complicated betting process. One Bet Racing appears to aim to remedy this with a simple and straight forward approach to betting.

one-bet-racing-reviewThere is no denying that the approach is a breath of fresh air, and BetInfo 24 and Ian should be commended on this fact. Whilst the approach may be good, this doesn’t necessarily mean that One Bet Racing is a good product

What Does One Bet Racing Offer?

In terms of how One Bet Racing actually operates, there is nothing here that will be new to most bettors. As is the case with a lot of larger tipster stables, BetInfo 24 have a pretty uniform approach to logistics.

What this means is that selections are emailed out to subscribers each day, usually at the start. They are also uploaded to a member’s area on the BetInfo 24 website as well. The content of the uploaded information is quite impressive with One Bet Racing as I want to discuss shortly.

So, as the name suggests, One Bet Racing is fundamentally based around placing just 1 bet per day. In fact, this nap of the day is technically the only selection that is offered by Ian.

These are all win bets and are advised at a variety of odds, with a seeming focus on lower to middling odds. BetInfo 24 also mention the fact that you receive a full analysis of the day’s racings with Ian’s tip.

This preview often includes details of other horses (as many as 8 on a given day) that are worth considering betting on, however they aren’t technically advised bets. This means that whilst One Bet Racing is technically straight forward, there is a lot of room for you to make your own decisions (I will come back to this later).

Sticking with the idea of One Bet Racing being straight forward, the same can very easily be said about the staking plan.

It is recommended that you back all the tips to level stakes (BetInfo 24 proof to £20 per bet, a not entirely unreasonable number) and I would be inclined to say that the same should apply to some of the other options that are offered by Ian.

This is all based on a starting betting bank of 50 points. This should be more than enough to cover the daily naps that are recommended, however you may want to consider a larger bank if you intend to cover all additional bets as well.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for One Bet Racing. Now, it is important to note that in all of their proofing, BetInfo 24 only look at the daily nap and this is also the number that the strike rate is based off.

Now, I will be talking about the recommended potential bets, however I want to make it clear that my review will ultimately be based on those selections which are actually tipped by BetInfo 24. So, back to the strike rate. This stands at just 21% which isn’t terrible, however it is a long way from the strongest results I have seen.

How Does One Bet Racing Work?

BetInfo 24 as a tipster stable do not provide a whole lot of information on what the selection process for One Bet Racing entails. For me, this isn’t a problem with this service however.

There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, there is the small fact of potential subscribers having 12 months of proofing which you can look over. For my money, this gives a very good idea of what you can expect from a tipster service.

The second point relates to the fact that Ian is providing his own analysis on a daily basis. There is no better way of understanding how a tipster works than having them explain their methods every day. As is so often the case there isn’t a set system here.

There is no, if x then y. It simply seems to be hard work and a solid understanding. I am of he opinion that this is the best underpinning that a lot of tipsters can have, and the fact it is demonstrated in One Bet Racing is a huge boon.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are 3 different options available if you want to sign up to One Bet Racing. The cheapest option that BetInfo 24 offer is £25.99 which is a monthly subscription. Alternatively, you can sign up for One Bet Racing on a quarterly basis.

This represents better value at a cost of just £59.99. Finally, BetInfo 24 offer you the chance to sign up to One Bet Racing for a full year at a one time cost of £179.99.

Both the monthly and quarterly options are available for you to try at a cost of just £1 for a week. On top of this, there is also a full 30 day money back guarantee in place across all options.

What is the Rate of Return?

The profits for One Bet Racing are undoubtedly where One Bet Racing starts to fall apart for me. The results show an overall profit of £256.41 since December 2017.

That is a very small amount of profit to have made in such a vast space of time. Whilst I can appreciate that BetInfo 24’s claimed ROI of 12% looks better, I just don’t see this as being worthwhile.

should also point out that there is definitely something to be said in terms of the potential to increase your profit by backing horses mentioned in the previews, but I wouldn’t like to say what kind of increase you could reasonably expect to see.

Conclusion on One Bet Racing

It feels like it has been a long time since I have seen a genuine and properly simple “back to basics” tipster service. On some level, I was rather hoping that One Bet Racing would be able to deliver on this. I really liked the concept of one bet per day and the idea that anybody could follow this.

The fact that there is analysis with it is a massive boon and in combining the two elements, I strongly believe that you could have a very good starting tipster service. Something that guides new bettors, whilst hopefully building their bank at the same time.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t something that would realistically allow for this. Going solely off the one tip, One Bet Racing’s results simply aren’t good enough.

I am sure that there are some people out there who will make the argument that an ROI of 12% isn’t terrible, and if this were the only tipster service on the market, you would be right. Unfortunately, even within BetInfo 24’s own ranks there are much better performing services.

Now, I want to be entirely fair to Ian and One Bet Racing here, so I will acknowledge the fact that the service doesn’t start and end with the results posted.

There is plenty of additional potential to be had here, however as they are previews, there is no reliable way of logging the potential income of this. Realistically, you probably can expect increased profit here as I have said, but this does involve taking on a degree of risk.

At £26 per month, that seems like quite a pricey gamble.

With all of this in mind, I don’t really see One Bet Racing as being something that I would really recommend. This is a real disappointment for me because as I have mentioned, I really do love the core idea behind the service.

But the truth of the matter is that if your money can work harder for your elsewhere, that is probably where you should be investing it.

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