One Click Winners Review

One Click Winners is a brand new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by one James Peters (and a team behind him). Supposedly, the service has made some incredibly substantial profits over the last 12 months.

Introduction to One Click Winners

From reading through James Peters’ narrative (which I am incredibly cynical about), I was reminded of the John Lennon song “Working Class Hero”, because that is apparently what he aspires to be. The sales material for One Click Winners is chock full of references to those greedy rich types and how they’re always trying to keep us real, hardworking folk down.

If it were better written, it would make for a half decent read. Why is all of this important when it comes to One Click Winners? Because I think that it is incredibly important to exercise caution with any tipster service that makes claims that are too good to be true, and James Peters makes a lot of them. All smoothed over by that matey “I get you” tone of marketing. So, with a heavy dose of cynicism, let’s take a look at One Click Winners and whether it can deliver.

What Does One Click Winners Offer?

One Click Winners is that rare kind of product in which there is a lot to cover, as James Peters says a hell of a lot, all whilst not actually having anything of substance to say. As such, despite some very elaborate statements, this is ultimately a very typical and straight forward tipster service.

Selections are issued directly to subscribers on a daily basis, as you would expect. They are sent out every morning, as you would expect. The quality of communication from One Click Winners is lacking (as you would probably expect by now) as well with betting advice being about as basic as you can make it.

In terms of the bets, I will use the word basic again. One Click Winners advises straight win bets exclusively (at least, I am yet to see anything different). These are at a range of odds, typically starting at lower and moving up to middling odds.

I have yet to see anything from James Peters that is in double digits, let’s put it that way. The volume of bets is also wholly unremarkable with One Click Winners typically offering 2-4 selections on a given day. At least it doesn’t get particularly expensive, however, that does segue nicely into the staking plan.

Or, should I say, the lack thereof. As is so often the case when I am presented with this unique type of (highly questionable) tipster service, there is no real staking plan for One Click Winners. James Peters is keen to tell you how much money you can expect to make through the service, but there is no context for it.

A £120,000 income is all well and good from betting, but if it is to £1,000 stakes, then you actually are getting just 120 points per year which is pretty underwhelming. If I were to follow One Click Winners, I would look at level stakes with a betting bank of at least 100 points as I am not sold on the strike rate.

Talking of which… Whilst James Peters is keen to miss out quite a lot of information about One Click Winners, he does like to talk a lot about the strike rate for the service. This supposedly stands at between 70% and 80%, a figure that would be substantial for a lay betting service, never mind one that backs horses to win.

It is noteworthy however that despite some exciting looking numbers, James Peters provides no evidence whatsoever to back them up, and there is also no proofing provided for One Click Winners.

How Does One Click Winners Work?

I opened all of this by talking about the narrative behind One Click Winners and honestly, that is because it is arguably the most important element of the service. According to James Peters, despite coming from a working class background, he was able to obtain a scholarship to Cambridge.

There, he studied finance and developed a friendship with a group of friends from a similar background, “the Scholarship Squad”. These included somebody who went into accounting, somebody who went into trading, and somebody who went into computer programming. This is all going somewhere, I promise.

After some time in their careers, James Peters says that he quite his job and started developing “a revolutionary new betting algorithm that worked by using historical race data, along with a whole bunch of other stats and figures”.

He also says that he recruited “the Scholarship Squad” to help him out with this, and that the end result is now the basis of One Click Winners. You will note that this manages to sound like it is telling you something, without actually ever telling you anything. This is yet another aspect of One Click Winners that concerns me greatly.  

What is the Initial Investment?

James Peters has just one option available if you want to sign up to One Click Winners which is a one time payment of £29.99 (plus VAT).

This supposedly gets you access to selections for life, however, we are told that there is a limit of just 30 places. Supposedly, this is because it is all that the servers can handle. I am massively sceptical of this and feel like it is nought more than a cheap ploy to pressure people into signing up.

It is worth noting that One Click Winners does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee as payment is processed via Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

As I have mentioned already, James Peters claims that last year, he made over £120,000 last year. More specifically, One Click Winners supposedly made £122,301.98. Other numbers that are quoted include making £2,500 in a week and £10,000 per month. Both of these numbers are very much in line with the larger claim. They aren’t however proofed, nor is there any evidence provide to back them up. As discussed earlier as well, there is absolutely no context for these numbers either.

Conclusion on One Click Winners

I suppose that James Peters’ story could be true. The idea of “the Scholarship Squad” is an appealing one, and I don’t think that any of us would say no to an opportunity to stick it to the kind of toffs that One Click Winners refers to.

Let’s be honest, even if you haven’t had the dubious pleasure of knowing somebody like that, we have all seen them somewhere in our lives. It just feels right doesn’t it? And of course, I don’t know one person who is on the side of the bookies except for probably people in their employ (at least the big chain bookies that exist on every high street. Those at trackside I at least have some level of respect for).

Now the supposition that something can be true, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. And in the case of One Click Winners, I have very good reason to believe that it isn’t. There are a lot of different reasons for this that I will cover, some more conclusive than others. But they are all very pertinent when it comes to judging the service in any real context.

First things first, let’s talk about those results. Just as “the Scholarship Squad” could be genuine, there could hypothetically be some £120,000 worth of profit. What I would love to see though is some shred of evidence that this is actually an attainable figure. This is very lacking with One Click Winners outside of a particularly questionable screenshot of a betting account and some even more questionable testimonials from “real” customers.

Moving on from that, I want to address the falsified lack of risk that is put forward in such a factual manner. By all accounts contained within the sales material for One Click Winners, there is such minute elements of risk that it of course sounds appealing. What I will say is that I am yet to see any backing tipster service consistently achieve a strike rate of 70 – 80%. Furthermore, I would like to once again highlight a distinctive lack of proofing or evidence.

What really sinks any prospect for One Click Winners in my opinion (not that there needs to be much more reason than what has been presented so far) is the fact that the vendor who is selling the service through the sales platform is well known to me.

Unfortunately (and probably not surprisingly), they aren’t known for producing 6 figure incomes and any sort of longevity to their services. Honestly, this means that there isn’t a whole lot of hope for One Click Winners, and as such, I would give “James Peters’” tips a pretty wide berth.

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From: Simon Roberts