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Only 34 Review

Only 34 is a piece of binary options trading software developed by James Alexander. The software is capped to only produce $29,411.76 per month.

What does the product offer?

Only 34 is designed to automatically link up with James Alexander’s chosen broker, (yes, it’s another one of those systems) In this case the broker is Option Rally. James Alexander doesn’t make any claims about how his system works or even what kind of strike rate it provides which I find rather disconcerting.

How does the product work?

Users are left in the dark as James Alexander makes no effort to explain how his system operates. In fact he barely mentions the software instead choosing to make the focus of his sales pitch what a great guy he is for sharing and how all other brokers are fraudulent. Naturally this is more than a little worrying, irrespective of cost of the product.

What is the initial investment?

Talking of the cost of Only 34 it is absolutely free to sign up for with the only cost being $200 required to open an account with Option Rally.

What is the rate of return?

The amount you can earn is supposedly capped at $29,411.76 per month. This amount is because James Alexander is only providing his product to 34 people and this equates to $1,000,000 he is “giving away” each month.


Only 34 is yet another piece of binary options trading software that promises miracles for free. As always with this type of proposition the most pressing question is about the nature of the relationship between the seller and the broker. James Alexander claims that Option Rally are the only brokers that he trusts and are also the only brokers that would allow the use of his software by the 34 recipients. The second major concern with Only 34 is that there is no information on the automated software. As mentioned above it’s almost glossed over and used as an afterthought and given the fact it is the centre of the system, this is quite an oversight. As with the other examples of this kind of arrangement I have looked at I am forced to conclude the same thing. The nature of the relationship between seller and broker is highly suspicious, even raising the question if there is such a seller or the broker are advertising directly. There is little in the way of financial risk as you would only need to put down $200 but I would recommend caution and a preparation to cut your losses should you decide to try Only 34.



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From: Simon Roberts