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Optin Architect Review

Optin Architect is an application by Mark Thompson that allows users to create fully customisable opt in forms for their website.

What does the product offer?

Optin Architect is an entirely web based application that offers users a number of customisable opt in form templates. These can be modified visually in a number of ways as well as allowing you to set things like the amount of time before the opt in form pops up. Mark Thompson is very proud of the fact that Optin Architect comes with an option for you opt in to pop up when users go to leave the page. There are also options for opt in forms to remain as a side bar or at the bottom of the screen as users browse your website.

How does the product work?

Optin Architect has been designed as a way of helping users to build their email lists. Mark Thompson says that by having engaging and interesting opt in forms you can turn visitors to your website into loyal subscribers. Optin Architect has been designed to seamlessly integrate with almost all mailing list providers.

What is the initial investment?

Optin Architect is available for $97 for which you get a license to use the software for 12 months. Mark Thompson provides a 30 day money back guarantee to allow you to decide if Optin Architect is for you or not.

What is the rate of return?

As Optin Architect is not a direct money making product, how much money it will make is a difficult thing to gauge. It is however widely considered that email lists are a big part of being successful in online business and Optin Architect should help you to build a list.


Optin Architect looks to be a well put together product and Mark Thompson offers a decent opt in service in it. There are a number of strong positives about Optin Architect, for example this isn’t tied down just to WordPress. Also Mark Thompson has stated that he plans to continue updating and adding new templates to Optin Architect. All in all if you don’t currently have any kind of opt in form for your business and you are looking to grow a mailing list, Optin Architect is a strong contender to do this.



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From: Simon Roberts