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Options Income Blueprint Review

Options Income Blueprint is a complete product that creator Michael Shulman says will teach you how to successfully trade options.

What does the product offer?

There are two key aspects to Options Income Blueprint, the first is the training course which teaches users about the trades to look for etc. This is spread out over 5 modules that allegedly cover everything from getting started to trading itself and even advanced trading strategies. The second part of Options Income Blueprint deals with Michael Shulmans weekly and monthly advice on which options to purchase.

How does the product work?

Options Income Blueprint seems to be very reliant on Michael Shulmans own experience and knowledge of trading. The fundamentals of Options Income Blueprint are low risk low yield trades with a view to steadily building a consistent profit.

What is the initial investment?

Michael Shulman has made the training for Options Income Blueprint, as well as his weekly and monthly suggestions available for $79 per month with the first $79 buying you a 60 day trial period. This is a massive drop from the alleged “usual” price of $997 per year. It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee mentioned so I would take this to mean that there is nothing in place.

What is the rate of return?

According to Michael Shulman, users of Options Income Blueprint can expect to add “$800 or more” to their monthly income. Other than this though there isn’t really much stated and there is nothing to back this claim up really.


Options Income Blueprint is a bit of a mixed bag really and I am not quite sure what to make of it. Michael Shulman seems to be the real deal and there is certainly a lot to like about Options Income Blueprint. I am just not sure if it represents value for money at all. Michael Shulman claims that Options Income Blueprint is being offered at a massive discount but actually; add it up over a year and the saving only amounts to $130. Hardly a substantial saving.

I think that really the trial period is key to getting the most out of Options Income Blueprint. For those who are interested $79 isn’t too much to pay out, for me personally though, Options Income Blueprint just doesn’t cut it.



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I tried the blueprint and the suggested trades aren’t worth the money. Don’t waste your money

What was your experience with the blueprint? They tout a high win rate with few to no losses.

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From: Simon Roberts