Outsider Goldmine Review Jonty Sembridge

Outsider Goldmine is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Jonty Sembridge. He claims to be able to consistently identify winning horses, and subsequently, has made a lot of money through betting.

Introduction to Outsider Goldmine 

Outsider Goldmine is a genuine tipster service. It has also made a small fortune. How do I know all of this? Simple. Jonty Sembridge says so. He even says “I am pleased to welcome you to a genuine site”.

Job done. Review over. Let’s all sign up, make a hundred grand and last one to Barbados is a rotten egg. If only it were that simple eh? The fact of the matter is that whilst almost all of what I have said so far is more or less what is claimed about Outsider Goldmine as a service, it should come as no surprise that the reality is pretty far removed from this.

outsider-goldmine-reviewWith that in mind, let’s take a look at Jonty Sembridge’s tipster service and see if it can, in any way, shape or form, deliver (spoiler alert, it doesn’t look likely).

What Does Outsider Goldmine Offer?

Despite all of the bluff talk that surrounds Outsider Goldmine, it is a pretty ordinary example of a horse racing tipster service. Whilst Jonty Sembridge does a good job of referring to things like “expert level tips”, what you actually get is a very simple email which is sent out on a near daily basis.

All that you have to do is place your bets and supposedly, cash in. Unfortunately, the quality of the emails that you receive through Outsider Goldmine are at best, adequate. The content of them is a whole different story.

From what I have seen so far, all the bets that have been advised have been straight win bets. Given how certain Jonty Sembridge says that he is about his selections, and given the (clearly made up) strike rate as well, I see no reason why Outsider Goldmine would ever deviate from this.

The bets cover a range of odds but as the name implies, we are mostly looking at outsiders. This means middling to some incredibly long shots. These can get very high volume supposedly. In the sales material, Jonty Sembridge claims that he has sent out 10 bets on some days, however this doesn’t appear to be the norm.

Not surprisingly to me there is no staking plan in place for Outsider Goldmine. I can’t help but feel that this is because Jonty Sembridge puts out all of his income claims in pounds and pence, and as such, context may well affect how impressive these claimed results appear to be.

If I were to recommend a staking plan for Outsider Goldmine, I would aim to keep bets to a minimum. 1 point per bet on a 100 point bank would suffice, but even this I would not necessarily be keen on betting.

The final numbers side of things that I want to pick up with Outsider Goldmine is Jonty Sembridge’s claim that his tips are 92-96% accurate. I have never seen a tipster service that comes close to this level of accuracy and I am including lay betting services I with this (that historically have a much higher strike rate).

Not surprisingly there is absolutely no evidence backing these claims up for Outsider Goldmine. There certainly isn’t any proofing which is a shame as I’d have liked to have seen that.

How Does Outsider Goldmine Work?

Jonty Sembridge claims that before launching Outsider Goldmine he was a stable manager for “one of the the household names” in horse racing training.

Naturally, Jonty Sembridge  cannot say who. As is apparently always the case with these questionable tipster services, Jonty Sembridge goes on to talk about being the best in the business before turning their hand to betting. This is where things get interesting.

 Continuing with the theme of a  lack of anything tangibthey rle and clear crap, Jonty Sembridge describes his selection process thusly. After many years of working with horses, Jonty Sembridge realised his race predictions were “Frighteningly accurate”.

He would have an idea in his head as to which horses would win based off a physical assessment and how compatible the horse were expected to be with a jockey. All of this is then ran through industry contacts.

The implication of this apparent fairy tale is that the selections for Outsider Goldmine are based on this same premise. The problem that I have is that there is nothing in the way of explanation.

In fact, we might as well be told that Outsider Goldmine is magical, because I don’t believe that any half way to serious bettor would buy into any of the above.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to sign up to Outsider Goldmine and that is a one time cost of £27 (plus VAT).

The sales material for the service strongly implies that this is a very limited offer with talk of final places being filled (amongst other claisms that I don’t really buy into. Especially when you factor in that the Clickbank sales page actually refers to Outsider Goldmine as AutoBet500.

Fortunately, if you have bought Outsider Goldmine without understanding that you have effectively bought a different product, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

I made reference in the introduction to this to making £100,000 and I was definitely not exaggerating claims. In fact, if anything, Jonty Sembridge takes it even further.

Supposedly, Outsider Goldmine subscribers can expect to make £109,575 in 9 months. This is backed up by claims such as £12,000 per month and thousands per week, All of this is “supported” by evidence for Outsider Goldmine which include some highly questionable bank screenshots and testimonials. 

Conclusion on Outsider Goldmine 

There are plenty of reasons why I wouldn’t invest my time and money into Outsider Goldmine. In fact, I have covered them all over the course of this article. But they really do bear repeating, if only to ensure that nobody accidentally gets the wrong idea and decides that Outsider Goldmine is worth a punt.

First things first. The results claimed are just blatant crap. I know that it seems counter intuitive to dismiss a product that has supposedly made a lot of money, but there is a very clear line in my eyes in terms of what is and isn’t acceptable. Do some people make 6 figures from betting?

Yes, of course there is. Some professional bettors do very well for themselves indeed. What is clearly crap however is when somebody starts saying that making £100,000 is guaranteed. It just isn’t. Especially with no staking plan in place.

As if this isn’t enough, and building on the idea of ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims, there is the win rate. I have looked at a lot of systems in my time. Some that are genuinely very good, and some of which have been lay betting services.

They have not come close to the claims made by Jonty Sembridge in terms of how often you can win. To clarify that, top tipsters are unable to pick one horse out of the pack to lose, with less accuracy than Jonty Sembridge claims to be able to pick winners.

From here I want to move on to what is by far and away the worst and laziest aspect of Outsider Goldmine, which is the fact that the product doesn’t even appear to be what you are buying.

The Clickbank sales screen refers to Auto Bet 500, a name that is familiar to me from other questionable tipster services. This is the nail in the coffin if you ask me. The fact that whoever is actually behind Outsider Goldmine is so blatantly fabricating a story in order to sell a tipster service just isn’t cricket.

 Of course, if evidence were provided for all of these unsubstantiated claims, then we may be having a different conversation. It is no surprise to me however that this evidence is not just not forthcoming, but is entirely non-existent. I cannot recommend firmly enough that you don’t buy into Outsider Goldmine.

The only long term outcome that is even close to guaranteed is that the marketer behind everything will probably make a decent income off of it. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend enough giving Outsider Goldmine a wide berth.



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From: Simon Roberts