Overpriced Horse Tips Review

Overpriced Horse Tips is a very long standing horse racing tipster service which is currently being offered by Sports Betting Stars. The results appear to show great consistency all things considered.

Introduction to Overpriced Horse Tips

Overpriced Horse Tips? I sure hope not! There are enough expensive tipsters already on the market! Insert a drum sting. Thank you very much, I’m here all night. Tip your waitresses etc. With the obvious bad joke out of the way, I can’t believe that I have been doing this for as long as I have, but haven’t seen Overpriced Horse Tips before.

What it does do however is highlights exactly how many different tipster services are out there, and just how easy it is to overlook something. The fact of the matter is that Overpriced Horse Tips has some very promising results.

The fact that Sports Betting Stars have proofed them for so long is the icing on the cake. What this makes for is a tipster service that has somehow eluded my interest, and yet apparently deserves plenty of it. Is this the full picture for Overpriced Horse Tips? Let’s have a look.

What Does Overpriced Horse Tips Offer?

The logistics of Overpriced Horse Tips are pretty straight forward which isn’t a bad thing. The service has been going for 5 years and if this involved a lot of effort, I would have quite reasonable doubts about its worth. Fortunately, everything is in line with what you would expect.

Selections are sent out directly via email (although there is also an option to receive them via SMS). Overpriced Horse Tips tips are typically advised the evening before racing between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Whilst it isn’t explicitly stated, this seem to be key to the service working.

In terms of the bets, Overpriced Horse Tips has a rather minimal approach. Most days will see you receiving just 1 or two bets on a given day.

In keeping with the idea of things being straight forward, Sports Betting Stars say that all bets that are advised are win singles. As you have probably figured out from the name of Overpriced Horse Tips, there is a focus on longer odds and this is something which should be kept in mind. Whilst there may well be the occasional bet which comes in lower, the majority of Overpriced Horse Tips is based around backing horses at 3/1 and above.

Whenever you are dealing with longer odds, I think that any respectable tipster service will offer you staking advice, no matter how simple it is (I should not that simple isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it can be the best thing depending on the service).

In the case of Overpriced Horse Tips, Sports Betting Stars advise that all bets are staked to 1 point per bet. Obviously, there will be losing streaks, so this is backed up by a bank of 100 points. This isn’t excessive, but it should be robust enough for Overpriced Horse Tips.

All of this brings me to the strike rate for Overpriced Horse Tips.

This is pretty important to me as we have 5 years of data to work off here. That means that whatever the end result is, it represents a decent average. Using the proofing from racingproofing.com, Sports Betting Stars has advised some 1,500 bets in its time. Of these, some 1,250 have lost. This represents a strike rate of around 17% for Overpriced Horse Tips which given the average odds of 7/1 is quite respectable.

How Does Overpriced Horse Tips Work?

Sports Betting Stars say that the tipster behind Overpriced Horse Tips uses an approach that offers low risk volume and big value prices. The latter part is what I want to focus on here as it is very clear to me that value is an integral part of the service. What is slightly disappointing is that this isn’t expanded on. I have long said that as a consumer, you should be able to purchase a product with as much information as possible.

What does counteract this somewhat with Overpriced Horse Tips is the fact that there are 5 years of proofing. If there were any indicator that the service was likely to fail at any point, I believe that firstly, it would show by now and secondly, Sports Betting Stars wouldn’t be as open as they are.

As a little bit of an aside, it is worth noting that whilst you receive details of advised odds in your email if you wanted to get the most out of Overpriced Horse Tips, then you would probably do well to take advantage of Oddschecker.

What is the Initial Investment?

Overpriced Horse Tips is pretty far from over priced, which is no bad thing. There are three different subscription options if you want to sign up to the service. The first of these is £29.99 per month. The next option is quarterly and priced at £79.99.

Finally, you can sign up for the whole year for a one time payment of £299.99 which essentially works out at 2 free months. It is worth noting that Sports Betting Stars offer an introductory offer for Overpriced Horse Tips which allows you to try the service for 14 days for just £1. There doesn’t appear to be any money back guarantee in place however.

What is the Rate of Return?

Sports Betting Stars say that in all the time that Overpriced Horse Tips has been operational, it has produced an overall profit of 753.07 points of profit. This means an average monthly profit of 11 points which given the time scale is no small feat. It is worth keeping in mind however that these results are based off BOG and includes Rule 4’s.

The proofing on racingproofing.com shows a much more restrained profit of 379.09 points of profit. The yield/ROI is much more in line however with Sports Betting Stars recording Overpriced Horse Tips attaining 26% whilst racingproofing.com shows 25.29%.

Conclusion on Overpriced Horse Tips

By far and away, one of the most incredible things about Overpriced Horse Tips is just how long it has been operational. I have been in this line of work for a long time and there are only a very small handful of tipsters I can say have been around for close to 5 years.

It is an incredible feat and there is a small part of me that is inclined to say that the sheer fact that it has been able to stick around for so long is probably reason to consider the service. This would however be an incredibly naïve statement.

The fact of the matter is that whilst Overpriced Horse Tips has been around for a long time, and the results are arguably quite impressive, there is a lot of circumstance surrounding them. First of all, I want to talk about the published results.

The claim of 753 points means a not inconsiderable 150 points per year. Taking this entirely outside of the context of Overpriced Horse Tips being operational for so long does take away some of what makes the service seem impressive.

This brings me on to the next point which is the fact that these results are based around BOG. It is not inconceivable that you could half these results if you have restrictions at bookies. 75 points per year sounds like a very low yield for the effort involved. All of this brings me to the ultimate consideration for Overpriced Horse Tips, and that is the ROI.

If you have a lot to invest, then I suppose that 25% annually is pretty good. The truth of the matter however is that you would have to spend £10,000 on betting in order to receive a quite small return.

Like a lot of services that I have looked at before now, I don’t necessarily think that Overpriced Horse Tips is terrible. The problem however is that the tipster market is probably more competitive now than it has ever been before.

For £30 per month, I can think of services that can produce much better returns. Overpriced Horse Tips has to be credited for the longevity and the results that it have produced as and the averages. It is just difficult to ignore the fact that it isn’t necessarily good enough when compared with some other tipsters.


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