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Own Brand Empire is the newest product to launch from Mark ‘The Lazy B’ and Oliver Goehler that claims to be able to show you how to create your own online business selling own branded products.

What does the product offer?

Own Brand Empire is a rather comprehensive package that according to Mark The Lazy B and Oliver Goehler will allow you insight into “the best internet business there is”. The “big one” that changes everything for you. Bold claims about Own Brand Empire and having looked at the pairs work before I’m not in the least bit surprised.

Own Brand Empire comes on a number of different DVDs and is broken down into 2 modules which can roughly be described as the course side of things and the tools.

Module 1 is the meat and veg of Own Brand Empire and looks at a number of different ways that you can start your own online retail store through Amazon and eBay.

As mentioned, the second module looks at the practicalities and setting up your store with your own branded products which is really what Own Brand Empire is all about. This includes things like where to source products, how to get them branded and how to develop your brand so that it is recognised.

How does the product work?

Mark The Lazy B and Oliver Goehler talk about Own Brand Empire as if it is something exceptional and new but the reality is that there isn’t actually anything new as such here.

Most of what Own Brand Empire offers you is about setting up an online store with Amazon and eBay and then using this as a launch platform for your own brand.

In doing so, you do get the potential for repeat custom as well as a better online presence for certain keywords which helps with SEO etc.

What is the initial investment?

Oliver Goehler doesn’t mess about when he prices up products that he is selling and Own Brand Empire is no different.

The whole course will cost £495 which is broken down into two payments at £247.50 (one when you sign up and another 35 days later).

There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place with Own Brand Empire which means that if you aren’t happy with the product you can claim a refund however this is directly from the vendors.

What is the rate of return?

Mike The Lazy B claims to have made several million pounds through the methods that he employs through Own Brand Empire (as well as other methods) and the suggestion is that you can make this much money too.

Unfortunately, this is highly unrealistic and I would imagine you’d be lucky to see even a small portion of this.


Own Brand Empire is expensive to buy and it is an expensive thing to set up. All of the examples that Mark The Lazy B and Oliver Goehler throw around are technically available at those prices however you have to be prepared to really buy in bulk in order for this to work out.

Personally I don’t think that Own Brand Empire does nearly enough to justify the difference in cost between this product and the many others like it on the market.



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So Oliver is just a (defamation removed) man. Why would he give out ‘secrets’ its bizarre to even think a wealthy man would just let you become serious competition for him. Con man, making money from idiots hoping for a lottery ticket.

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