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Pack Send Franchise Review

Pack Send are a logistics company that specialise in providing a bespoke delivery service for unique packages that might be large, fragile, awkward or valuable.

The Company

Pack Send started out their operations in Australia in 1993 and moved into the UK at the start of 2009. Since then they have become specialists in providing shipping across the world with 80,000 destinations available for delivery. As I have mentioned Pack Send specialise in providing bespoke logistics service of which examples include the transportation of a 1.5m scale model of a Meccano model that was to be transported from Dijon, France to Australia. As well as these specialised packages Pack Send also provides a more conventional package delivery service.

A Little Background

Pack Send are accredited by the British Franchise Association as well as being recognised internationally by as the Australian Franchisor of the Year by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Franchise Council of Australia in 2007. Franchisees are expected to have knowledge of management, preferably in a customer facing role. In return, Pack Send provide extensive training that is comprised of a lot of hand on work as well as constant and ongoing support in getting your new Pack Send franchise running properly.


The initial investment for Pack Send is actually quite reasonable when compared with other retail franchises. The average cost of setting up a Pack Send store is £84,500. This is broken down into a £29,500 license fee, £50,000 store opening costs and £5,000 for legal fees. Of this 30-50% is required to be liquid funds.

Earning Potential

Although figures aren’t discussed by Pack Send, they do say that there is a high gross profit margin on your products. This is claimed to be in excess of 65%.


Pack Send is a bit of a unique business opportunity and it is hard to gauge its worth really. This is definitely something that can be profitable but I am not entirely certain how much business you’ll actually see. Pack Send talk about business clientèle and I can realistically see this making up the majority of your business. The biggest appeal lies in the reasonably low start-up costs as well as high profit margins but I would be inclined to heavily research the market in your local area before investing in a Pack Send franchise.



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From: Simon Roberts