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Passive List Building Blitz Review

Passive List Building Blitz is a list building training course by Fergal Downs. He says that users can expect to learn how to use email lists for effective marketing campaigns.

What does the product offer?

Passive List Building Blitz is a video training course devised by internet marketer Fergal Downs that he claims will teach users how to build lists of 10,000 plus subscribers. The training itself is pretty well presented and is informative enough that users will likely walk away with a much stronger knowledge than when they started. Passive List Building Blitz is first and foremost delivers on what it offers.

How does the product work?

What Passive List Building Blitz is all about educating you on operating a successful email list and how to build this. This ultimately will help users to develop a method of successful marketing that can potentially be used over and over. The idea then is that you can convert these leads into sales through a sales funnel (something that Passive List Building Blitz teaches you about).

What is the initial investment?

Fergal Downs has Passive List Building Blitz listed, at the time of writing, for $8.06 with the price increasing with sales (ultimately, he claims. up to $47). There is no mention of any money back guarantee being in place so I would ultimately avoid anticipating this feature.

What is the rate of return?

There is no rate of return advertised for Passive List Building Blitz and this is understandable as the nature of the product makes it difficult to gauge income. I feel that ultimately with the right product this could prove a profitable method of marketing.


There is quite a lot to like about Passive List Building Blitz, but most of this stems from the price. The fact is that Passive List Building Blitz is well suited to beginners and at the moment the price really reflects this. The contents are well suited for this level and most importantly I believe that Fergal Downs will help you set up a decent funnel and list, something that as a new marketer could prove invaluable.



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From: Simon Roberts