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Patton Profits Review

Patton Profits is an email based horse racing tipster service operated by Simon Patton and offered via Winning Information Network stable

What does the product offer?

Patton Profits offers users tips to subscribers on a daily basis with selections being sent directly to your email. Simon Patton uses a number of different bet types in order to extract the greatest possible value for Patton Profits. Although the majority of them will be win or each way, there will be occasionally slightly more exotic bets such as Dutch or double bets. The majority of horses have pretty long odds and yet despite this, Simon Patton has achieved a respectable 29.86% average strike rate.

How does the product work?

Simon Patton has allegedly been betting for 8 years, 4 of them on a full time basis. Over this time he claims to have developed his own proprietary ratings system that ultimately forms the basis of Patton Profits. The ratings are allegedly constantly being refined to meet the changing demands and trends, and use multiple factors including weighting, conditions on the day and historic and trending information.

What is the initial investment?

There are two different subscription lengths available for Patton Profits. The first is £58 per 28 days whilst the second option is £116 every 90 days. As Winning Information Network are a part of the Betfan group, there will generally no refunds although they do say that they will review each request on a case by case basis.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Patton Profits has produced a total profit of 256.47 points since April 2014.


Although Patton Profits has a very strong initial showing it is necessary to keep in mind that this is a tipster service that for all intents and purposes in its infancy. Based off results for the first week in July (2.65 points), Patton Profits may not end up living up to the price. This is where my biggest concern lies. At £58 per month Patton Profits costs double what some tipster services I have seen charge.

This would be fine if it were more proven but personally I have concerns about paying that for such a new service.



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Comments (2)

Simon Patton racing profits are poor, very poor dont waste your time of money.
Purchase UFP tips (flat season started approx 2 months ago) totally pants and worst of the lot over 50 points down and a fat waste of money.
Purchased Cheltenham tips, if it had not been for bookies money back offers etc would of lost, managed to break even: just
Purchase Aintree tips festival over the grand national days, lost over 10pts
Purchase PRP this has been ongoing since approx end of 2014 until now June 2015 so over 8 months of data and down, down big time. lost over 30 points. I have put bets on every morning for this from 1 to 3 races, often the odds have gone for a start off, even though i use odds checker, so 5/2 are 2-1 or 20-1 are 16-1 so on the odd occassion you do win, Simon wins more points than you, so its always inflated. But the worst thing about these horses is soo, so many are just complete donkeys and awful to watch. So my review is if you want to lose money, watch poor horses than go with Simon, A tipster from the local papaer would preform better and if you contact him then he will just tell you that its over time there will be profits. well i gave it 8months and it has not, yet i was told never a losing month prior, what a load of rubbish.

I subscribed from the start of Pattons services last year,
although I never back anyone’s selections until have proof they are viable. So, for the whole season 2014/15 I have not backed one of Simon Patton’s selections. Not one horse. Although it cost me the subscription fee I have saved a vast amount of money by sitting on the fence over the season. I have noticed since his launch that he has introduced more and more services. My personal view is that this has been to the detriment of the services he already had running. I think it now totals something in the region of six services. He got greedy at the expense of his subscribers. A really poor service with huge loosing runs. If you get a kick out of loosing money…. Back Simon Patton’s services. God help you!!!

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From: Simon Roberts