Pay for Profit Review

Pay for Profit is a new to market product which is operated by one Anthony Jones in conjunction with The Betting Club. There are some frankly very incredible claims made about the service.

Introduction to Pay for Profit

When Pay for Profit caught my eye, I can honestly say that I didn’t believe any of what I first saw. Anthony Jones’s headline for the service is “Are you sick and tired of all those bogus claims from so called “Tipsters” that NEVER live up to the hype?… Don’t Worry, I Have The Solution!”.

Now, let me try and sound sincere here. I mean… Surely you don’t get better than that right? We’ve all seen a tipster service which doesn’t quite hit the highs of the past before (or more realistically just runs your betting bank into the ground), and Anthony Jones is genuinely claiming to have the solution. Excitedly, I read on. Surely with the claims made Pay for Profit must be different… right?

pay-for-profit-reviewWhat Does Pay for Profit Offer?

So what exactly do you get from this “solution” to tipsters who fail to deliver a profit? The short answer to this is a very basic near daily horse racing tipster service. Or sports betting tipster service.

Anthony Jones isn’t ever quite clear in the marketing material for Pay for Profit, however from what I have seen, the majority of bets have been horse racing. As is the case with the majority of tipster services these days, selections are emailed directly to subscribers, usually arriving before 10am. One thing that does stand out about Pay for Profit is the fact that Anthony Jones only bets Monday to Friday.

In terms of the bets themselves, there is no new ground broken here either. All the bets that are advised are straight forward win bets which at least means that following Pay for Profit isn’t difficult. Volume wise, there are typically between 3 and 5 bets which if you are betting to Anthony Jones’s advised stakes can start to get a little bit pricey.

All of this is pretty standard fare, but what is not, are the odds that you are betting at. We are told that you won’t be betting on “low priced, favourite win selections”, he also makes reference to backing horses with longer odds, something which the very small amount of evidence which is provided by Pay for Profit demonstrates.

Moving on to the staking plan for Pay for Profit, it is recommended that you back to level stakes. If there is any variation from this, then Anthony Jones says that you will be notified in the email (I am yet to see this).

I have already mentioned that the quantity of bets can make this a pricey service and that is because in the sales material for Pay for Profit, we are told that Anthony Jones bets to £30 per bet. This means that there is hypothetical range of £450 to £750 per week.

Finally, I want to talk about Anthony Jones’s lack of information when it comes to the strike rate for Pay for Profit. This isn’t something that is ever discussed and honestly, I feel like it is quite important because of how the service operates (more on this later).

What we are told is that it is unrealistic to expect to win 100% of the time, but “as long as you stick with the system you have absolutely nothing to worry about”.  Not at all surprisingly to me, there isn’t even any proofing provided for Pay for Profit from which we can try and calculate such a figure.

How Does Pay for Profit Work?

 Anthony Jones is very keen to disparage other tipsters. Right from the get go the sales material says that he is “NOT here to waste your time!”. He isn’t going to offer some “LAME “rags to riches” story because [he’s] pretty sure you’re well and truly sick of them by now”. There are references to “magic” software and dodgy scams in the sales material for Pay for Profit.

Furthermore, we are told that “There is no other product out there that comes close to mine. Pay For Profit is the ONLY profitable betting system out there”. I mean, that’s a blatant lie isn’t it. I know of a few betting systems on this website that definitely work.

So with all of this hype (because I fully intend to turn Anthony Jones’s words back on him), you would expect there to be a solid system underpinning Pay for Profit right? Well, we are told the following:

Over the years (and with a lot… and I mean a lot of trial and error) I have developed a SIMPLE but VERY PROFITABLE method that will allow you and anyone else to earn an incredible income from sports betting.

You will note that this doesn’t actually provide any insight into why Pay for Profit is any better than other supposedly fraudulent tipster services. As mentioned earlier, nor is there any proofing that we can use to get an idea of what to expect. This definitely sets alarm bells ringing for me.

What is the Initial Investment?

Pay for Profit is a pay as you win product (hence the name) with two different options available. The first of these is paying £30 in order to get 30 points worth of profit. Quite how this is actually measured isn’t really explored which is yet another thing that sets alarm bells ringing.

Whilst I have seen this kind of thing before, it has typically come from services which are able to explain how they monitor your progress. The other option is to pay a fee of £99 for which you get “unlimited” points of profit.

It is worth noting that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place for Pay for Profit as it is sold through Clickbank. This is a fact which is mentioned in the sales material, although somewhat in passing.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we get to what Pay for Profit is all about, and that is the profit (supposedly). I want to start by quoting from the headlines “TURN LOW £30 BETS INTO £1500 DAILY PROFITS… THAT YOU CAN REPEAT MULTIPLE TIMES A MONTH!”. Elsewhere references are made to making an extra £3,000 per week.

Frankly, I don’t believe this claim in the slightest. You’d have to be very silly to do so…

Anthony Jones has states multiple times that he only bets £30 on bets which means that even that lowest figure of £3,000 per week means that you would be looking at 100 points a week. Frankly, I don’t believe that is attainable, and with a lack of evidence to back up anything that has been said about Pay for Profit, I only see that point as being cemented.  

Conclusion on the Pay for Profit Service

I will be blunt here. There is not a single element of Pay for Profit that I would recommend to anybody. It is so ironic to me that when companies like The Betting Club put out products like Anthony Jones, they are so quick to go after other tipster services as being of a questionable nature.

Especially when their own products tick all of the same boxes. For example, in the sales material for Pay for Profit, we are told the following in reference to making up to £1,500 per day from betting:

“I know it’s not the hundreds of thousands like you see those so called “experts” showing you in their fancy videos.

The ones with super cars and footballer style mansions that have only been leased for the day, while the paid actor tries to pitch you some BOGUS “magic software” … that will infact NEVER make you a single penny!”

And yet, that is exactly what is being claimed of Pay for Profit. 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year at £500-£1,500 (a range quoted by Anthony Jones in the sales material) means anywhere from £130,000 all the way to £390,000. From £30 bets. It’s just very clear crap. This means an annual profit of between 4,333 points and 13,000 points.

On top of all this, I think that it is worth noting that there are a number of things that I would consider to be “background” information that need to be considered.

For example, The Betting Club have been involved with a number of products that I have looked at which have ended up coming out unfavourably. Not surprisingly, none of these products are no longer available. The same rational is applicable to the vendor who is selling Pay for Profit through Clickbank.

With all of this in mind, it probably doesn’t come as any surprise to learn that there is no way that I can bring myself to recommend Pay for Profit at all.

There just isn’t a single shred of evidence that suggests that you can realistically make any money through this service and as such, I would treat it with a great deal of cynicism.

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By the way, congratulation for your site. Keep your fair reviews!

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