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Payday Lays is a lay betting tipster service which is being offered through Pro Betting Club. The service has shown some remarkable consistency in terms of profit, all with seemingly little risk.

Introduction to Payday Lays

I have always been a fan of lay betting. There is so much potential to the approach, and when it works, it works exceptionally. Unfortunately, there are a huge number of lay betting services that just get it wrong. Something that is seemingly down to the fact that most of the tipsters that I look at who offer lay betting tips drastically underestimate the ease with which you can pick losers. But the fact of the matter is that just picking the loser isn’t as easy as it seems. Because with that comes a drastic amount of risk.

Payday Lays is a service that seems to really address these problems with an incredibly consistent profit and a strike rate that, frankly, is truly incredible. Something that I say in the best way possible. I always like to look for consistency when it comes to a tipster service, and I can say with confidence that this is arguably the most consistent service I have seen for some time. It is a very impressive feat, and in some respects, I feel like I could be wrapping this up here and now. However, for every positive, there can be some problems.

When I mentioned earlier about lay betting not being as simple as just picking the loser, that is exactly what I refer to. Now, don’t get me wrong, Pro Betting Club have a pretty good handle on all of this. Payday Lays is a well managed service. But that doesn’t change the fact that the problems that you can encounter with lay betting apply no matter how good your service is. These aren’t deal breakers in my eyes, but they are things you might want to consider.

What Does Payday Lays Offer?

Before I start talking about Payday Lays and lay betting and everything that entails, I want to talk about the logistics of everything and how Pro Betting Club manage the service. This is something that is generally pretty easy to do, in no small part down to how competently they achieve this. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of tipster stables out there that just don’t seem to be able to manage the basics.

What does this mean if you were to sign up to Payday Lays then? Well, as is pretty much industry standard at this point, all selections that Pro Betting Club send out are directly via email. These typically given you plenty of time in order to get your bets placed, but that isn’t necessarily the be all and end all here. Nor, if I’m honest, is the fact that you don’t receive much information.

This is because when you are lay betting, the variables are very different. If you are backing to win, you want to spend time going out and trying to find the best possible odds. That only helps you to make more money. And there are lots of different bookies that you can use to achieve this. With lay betting, everything happens on a betting exchange (I’ll come to this very shortly). This means it is all in one place, and whilst you should look to minimise the odds you lay at, you don’t have to work as hard to achieve that.

 Whilst we’re on the topic of betting exchanges, it is noteworthy to me that Pro Betting Club recommended laying bets up to a maximum price of 15.00 on Betfair Starting Price. This is the number that they proof to, and it makes sense. In terms of lay betting, it is the only way to have a number everyone can achieve. But the fact is you can feasibly just place the bets whenever you want.

It is also worth noting that whilst Betfair is what is discussed in relation to Payday Lays, there are alternatives on the market. The most popular rival to Betfair is Smarkets, an exchange which has a 2% commission rate compared to Betfair’s 5%. That does however come at the cost of some liquidity, although that might not be a huge problem here.

Now, whilst we have established that you shouldn’t be laying horses at higher than 15.00, let’s talk about the average odds involved. The average BSP for Payday Lays is 9.23. That isn’t a catastrophic amount to be betting at. But because of how lay betting works, that average would mean paying out 8.23 times your initial stake. If that sounds high, I can tell you that compared to some lay betting services, it isn’t.

Whilst those numbers may not be as extreme as some tipster services, the losses can still add up. As such, you will want a relatively substantial betting bank. Realistically, because Payday Lays mitigates your maximum losses, you don’t need too much. Pro Betting Club recommend a pretty moderate betting bank here. Something which more than sustains the 1 point stakes that you should be laying, at least.

Something that really stands out to me about Payday Lays is that it is incredibly selective. Pro Betting Club say that the method puts forward just one lay per day. Really though, the numbers are even lower than that with some days being a day off. That goes a hell of a long way to minimising some of the risk that comes if a horse loses.

And minimising risk is something that has seemingly worked very well. At the time of my writing this, Payday Lays has achieved a strike rate of 93.3%. That is a monumental number to be maintained over a period of 7 months. What this means is that out of 194 bets, just 15 of them have been losers. Whilst lay betting does inherently carry a higher strike rate than backing to win, that is s till a very impressive number indeed.

How Does Payday Lays Work?

Whilst there are a lot of reasons that I could find to praise Pro Betting Club, unfortunately, when it comes to talking about how their services work… Well, things start to get a little bit disappointing. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that there is very little in the way of information surrounding Payday Lays.

Don’t get me wrong, you get tons of data. They provide some incredibly comprehensive proofing through their own in house proofing (which I don’t actually doubt or disbelieve, I would hasten to add), everything is broken down so you can easily see the important numbers. This includes things like winning and losing streaks, strike rates, average odds, various ways of measuring profits. I could continue.

There is also the fact that every single bet is broken down and presented. This shows things like the BSP,  where it finished, how much was won or lost on a bet. There is even a breakdown of how bets have won based around the odds involved. In many respects, it is hard to look at Payday Lays and say that you are coming into this uninformed.

Unfortunately, the one area where I would have liked to have seen some information is where it is missing. Pro Betting Club make no effort to discuss what the selection process for Payday Lays entails. And whilst all of that data is definitely supporting, I would have really liked to have some idea of what I am getting myself into in terms of the bigger picture. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a deal breaker, but I do believe consumers are entitled to make a truly informed decision.

What is the Initial Investment?

Pro Betting Club have two options available if you want to sign up to Payday Lays. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £39.50 per month, plus VAT. If you are looking for slightly better value, there is also a quarterly option which is priced at £89.50. A saving of just under £30. Of course, that does also mean the higher outlay.

Something that is of note is that all payments for Pro Betting Club products are handled through Clickbank. And as a product purchased through Clickbank, there is a fully 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that Payday Lays doesn’t work for you. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is really mentioned in the sales material for the product.

What is the Rate of Return?

With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks and what really matters with Payday Lays. How much money can you expect to make? At the time of writing, the service has attained a profit of 93.47 points. This is slightly down on the 107.7 point profit that is advertised on the sales page. This drop is all off the back of 3 unfortunate losses that have happened almost back to back.

The fact is that outside of the odd dip where a bet loses, Payday Lays has been consistently profitable month in and month out. The ROI of 48.18% is a genuine reflection of what kind of results you can expect to achieve. Something that the high strike rate backs up rather nicely. The only thing that I would say is that this is definitely a slow burner due to the low volume of bets.

Conclusion for Payday Lays

As I’ve been writing this up and I’ve been thinking about Payday Lays, there has been one thing that has really been one thought at the back of my mind. As much as there are a lot of positives here that I will get to, this requires a lot of patience. I fully believe that the patience will be rewarded, but there is little denying that it will be a very significant requirement here.

But I cannot avoid that oh so important point that your patience should be rewarded with Payday Lays. Those results, whilst not necessarily mind blowing from a sheer numbers point of view, are pretty bloody good. It probably puts the service in line for around 150 points per year. Now, that’s not a life changing amount of money. It isn’t even as high as what I might expect to see from some tipsters.

What it is though is consistent. As I’m writing this, there has been a single bad month. 3 bets coming in as closely as they have is a huge blow, and I whilst I think that March can see a recovery from that, it won’t be significant. But I also don’t believe for a single minute that this is going to be close to the norm. Pro Betting Club have really got onto a winner with this, and I can respect that.

I can’t help but feel like the ROI speaks for itself really. Almost 48.18% is one hell of a number, and it is exciting to see if Pro Betting Club can sustain that in the longer term. Even that losing month isn’t the end of the world. It’s all a question of time. And that also leads me to highlight one of the problems with Payday Lays. Sort of.

You see, whilst the ROI is all pretty good looking and whatnot, you are only bringing in 0.95 points of profit per bet (if you’re using £10 stakes, that’s just £9.50 per day). One way to combat that is to up your stakes per bet, however, that also comes with increased risk if a bet loses. It’s a bit of a difficult thing, and it is one of the biggest issues with this kind of slow and steady lay betting approach.

So, with all of this in mind, if you have a lot of patience and/or the money to fund some bigger bets, Payday Lays will be a very attractive proposition. This is consistency like I haven’t seen for some time, and that is exciting. But if you aren’t willing to sit on this and would prefer a bit more thrill and a larger risk vs reward, you will almost definitely want to look elsewhere.


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