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Penny Stock Sniper Review

Penny Stock Sniper is a stock market tipping service provided by Jeff Avery. He provides information on stocks that he believes will undergo an increase in value.

What does the product offer?

With Penny Stock Sniper creator Jeff Avery reviews a huge number of low value stocks for what he perceives to be value. Once he has found something he sends out an email or an SMS message to Penny Stock Sniper subscribers who can then invest in the company with a view to profiting. Obviously this means that ha stock brokerage account will be required.

How does the product work?

Jeff Avery is allegedly a big name in trading although it isn’t a name that I am familiar with. Penny Stock Sniper deals with the American “Penny Stocks” markets which are usually smaller companies that have just floated onto the stock market. By looking for things like license acquisition and future technologies, he claims that he can identify profitable upcoming trades. Penny Stock Sniper uses a piece of software to narrow down selections at which point Jeff Avery reviews them before sending to members.

What is the initial investment?

Penny Stock Sniper is available for a lifetime of stock tips for a one off cost of $97, allegedly a reduction on the $497 per year that it should cost. Penny Stock Sniper also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as the product is sold through ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

Jeff Avery claims that Penny Stock Sniper was able to transform $1,000 into almost $10,000,000. This does however seem to be down to a fortunate streak and selective figures so this is absolutely not going to be the case for everybody and actually, penny stocks rarely take off so the profits are unlikely to be substantial.


Penny Stock Sniper is a pretty strong example of slick marketing but in this case I don’t believe that the product is able to match the hype. Much of the marketing material is based around a very specific series of events that Jeff Avery refers to as guessing where lightning is going to strike. Without a more accurate reflection of Penny Stock Sniper I simply don’t see how this is worth almost $100 of anybody’s money.



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From: Simon Roberts