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Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 Review

Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 is a series of sports and horse racing betting systems that can be used individually or in conjunction with one another. They are presented by Luka Carroll

What does the product offer?

Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 can essentially be broken down into two key aspects. The first of these is the sports betting side. For the sports betting module of Perfect Punter Profits 3in1, All Sports Betting Luka Carroll offers a system that he says is able to work for many sports which offer users a hugely varied number of betting options. Secondly there is a horse racing system, Horse Racing Formula that claims to be able to allow you to successfully bet on horse races across the UK and Ireland. As well as both betting systems you get a bonus in the form of information on how to stop your account being restricted.

How does the product work?

Any details of the betting systems that Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 uses are not made available on the sales page which is a disappointment, especially given the fact that the Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 claims to work with so many sports. I would ideally have liked to have seen more information about this.

What is the initial investment?

Luka Carroll sells Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 for a one off payment of around £67 (the sale is in dollars so this may fluctuate slightly). There is also a vendor supplied 60 day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with Perfect Punter Profits 3in1.

What is the rate of return?

In 2013 Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 allegedly made a combined profit of 840.35 points. Unfortunately Luka Carroll offers no proofing so I would approach this with skepticism.


Personally I am always wary about betting systems as it allows the creator of said system to put failings back on you as the customer. I am not saying that Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 will do this but it remains a risk. I also don’t like the lack of information that is made available. Naturally I don’t expect Luka Carroll to give away his system for free but there are some rther bold claims made an in my opinion no evidence supplied of this.

If you are absolutely desperate for a betting system then I suppose Perfect Punter Profits 3in1 may not be too bad but I believe that there are better options on the market.



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From: Simon Roberts