Permafree Publishing Quickstart Review

Permafree Publishing Quickstart is a product from Amy Harrop in which she shows users how to leverage free ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace to boost your profile and sales.

What does the product offer?

Permafree Publishing Quickstart is a rather comprehensive guide to self publishing that provides insight into a different angle than most products of this nature. Amy Harrop has chosen with Permafree Publishing Quickstart to focus on offering free content in order to build your profile.

As a product, Permafree Publishing Quickstart comes as a step by step guide in PDF format and also includes things like topic research, templates and a live Q and A session.

According to Amy Harrop, Permafree Publishing Quickstart will also show you how to publish your book through Amazon as well as how to build your fan base as well as potential customer list.

Permafree Publishing Quickstart can be used for both fiction and none fiction and what is taught is something that can be reasonably applied to any niche with Amy Harrop providin what will work best.

How does the product work?

The core idea behind Permafree Publishing Quickstart is a very simple one. By having some of your work constantly available for free, you are constantly attracting new readers who you can then sell books to. This is handled in two main ways.

The first is that you are “getting your name out there” and helping you to not just build up your readership, but also trust in your as an author as well as your authority on a subject.

Permafree Publishing Quickstart then shows you how to leverage this relationship in order to maximise profits from paid products.

What is the initial investment?

Amy Harrop is selling Permafree Publishing Quickstart for a one time cost of $17. Payment is handled via Zaxxa (a platform I am not familiar with) however Permafree Publishing Quickstart does come with a 30 day money back guarantee. I would probably expect to have to deal with the vendor to claim this however.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of what Permafree Publishing Quickstart teaches you, you will not make any money directly as the core teachings of this product are about giving things away. In the long term there is likely some potential for profit however this will be through other projects.


Permafree Publishing Quickstart makes for an interesting read and unlike a lot of products that I have looked at that pertain to becoming a successful self published author, what Amy Harrop teaches in this guide does have some real world value.

The problem that I have is whilst the content is pretty solid, the ideas behind Permafree Publishing Quickstart aren’t particularly complicated. In fact, I would be inclined to say that what Permafree Publishing Quickstart looks at is a very crude marketing technique.

Those of you who are savvy and already have some experience with publishing etc. may not find $17 worth of content in Permafree Publishing Quickstart however if you are new to this then it is something that will likely be of great help when starting out.



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