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Perran Farm Racing is a pretty long running horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Tipster Street tipster group. The results suggest a long term profit is something that is very attainable.

Introduction to Perran Farm Racing

There are a lot of things to look for when it comes to betting, but there are two main things that I personally like to consider. First of all, there is long term sustainability. I have looked at services before now with thousands of points of profit, so long as you are willing to lose huge mounts waiting for a big win. The other thing, tying in with this is consistency.

Now, looking at the details surrounding todays subject, Perran Farm Racing, it would appear that Tipster Street and the tipster behind the service are onto a winner with both of these things. And to top it off, it is all relatively straight forward which opens the door for… Well, pretty much everybody.

Honestly, there isn’t a lot about Perran Farm Racing that a cursory look suggests that you won’t like. All of the numbers look good, everything is manageable. OK, I will admit that the results might not set the world alight, but that isn’t a massive problem if it is consistent. Alternatively, it could simply be an indicator of some wider problems? Which is it? Let’s have a look and find out.  

What Does Perran Farm Racing Offer?

One of the first things that I think that you have to address when it comes to something from the Tipster Street group is that this is all very no nonsense. Everything about their marketing, about the representation of data, about the logistical elements. It is almost spartan, however, more importantly (at least to me) is that it is informative. I will take fact over flavour any day of the week when it comes to a tipster.

So, what are you getting yourself into with Perran Farm Racing? The short answer is actually, rather surprisingly, a somewhat selective tipster service. This is one of the few areas where things really are different to the norm. The fact is that most days you will receive some tips, but the tipster behind the service clearly aims for quality over quantity. No bad thing at all.

Outside of this though, it is very much “business as usual”. As you would expect, selections are sent out directly to subscribers on the days they are available directly via email. Tipster Street typically issue these between 9am and 11am which may limit how well this works for those working 9-5.

One of the things that is good about Perran Farm Racing though is the quality of email. I have seen a lot of tipsters that leave you with a race name and time, a horse, and sometimes that is it. Here you get details of the bet (a topic I will be getting to shortly) and advised odds, as well as the bookies offering them. This means that if you are unable to place bets as they are issued, odds may well drift.

Moving on to the topic of those bets, there is actually quite a lot to talk about. One of the things that I am quite pleased to see is that Perran Farm Racing is made up of a combination of win and each way bets. This means that there is still scope to see a profit on some of those longer shots. But by and large, you will be dealing with straight win bets.

This leads quite nicely into the topic of odds. According to Tipster Street’s proofing, the average odds for Perran Farm Racing stand at 2.88. Now, you might think that this number would be skewed by those each way bets. After all, these can get well into double figures By and large though, it is probably a pretty decent representation of the kind of odds that will be advised.

Now, I opened this by talking about the fact that Perran Farm Racing is actually a somewhat selective tipster service. And that is very much true. But it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily particularly low volume. An average month (according to Tipster Street) will see 37 bets advised. However, it is not uncommon for there to be multiple bets on a given day.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t ever get out of hand. The most that you can expect to see is maybe four selections which is very manageable. However, I feel it is worth highlighting this fact as the averages don’t necessarily reflect this structure.

One thing that I really do think it is important to talk about with Perran Farm Racing is the staking plan. Now this is a level affair which is based around staking 2 points on every bet. This means 2 points to win, or one point each way. And with a 100 point advised betting bank, this all looks sustainable. However, it does have a bit of an impact on the bottom line, as I will explore below.

And finally, I want to talk a little bit about the strike rate. Now, Tipster Street don’t make a particularly big thing out of this, but I can say that it is actually an impressive thing. Standing at an average of 44%, this is a very decent number to have maintained over a period of more than 18 moths.  

How Does Perran Farm Racing Work?

Now as is always the case with services from Tipster Street, there isn’t a whole lot of information that is provided in terms of what the selection process entails. This is definitely something that is a little bit off putting. With that said, it isn’t necessarily the end of the world in the case of Perran Farm Racing, not least of which is because I came into this fully expecting it.

For my money, I think that there are a few indicators that would allow me to speculate on this. The selective nature suggests that there probably isn’t a “generalised” system in place. In my experience, tipsters that have an “if x then y” approach are putting out tips on a much more consistent basis.  

The fact of the matter is this though. If you are keen to know exactly what you are getting yourself into (which isn’t an unreasonable request at all and is actually something I typically advocate), you are definitely going to be left disappointed. There simply isn’t any information provided here.

With that said, there is a mitigating factor in terms of the extensive proofing that Tipster Street actually provide for the service. Whilst this doesn’t actually provide you with insight into the selection process, you can at least get some kind of idea about how Perran Farm Racing has performed in the past, as well as what you can feasibly expect for the future as well.   

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the things that really stands out about Perran Farm Racing is the fact that the costs are very low. Tipster Street are asking just £14.95 per month. Alternatively, you can signup on a quarterly basis which is just £29.95 every 3 months. This is substantially cheaper than most tipster services that are on the market.

It is also worth noting that there is no mention of a money back guarantee with Perran Farm Racing, and because payment is handled directly via PayPal, there isn’t any support there. With that said, when you sign up, your first month is priced at just £3.79. This is applicable no matter which subscription you opt for.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since May 2018, Perran Farm Racing has produced a 245.42 points profit which sounds… I suppose not terrible. I mean, this works out at some 12.25 points per month on average. It isn’t a life changing amount of money, but it’s also not terrible if you see it as a relatively easy second income.

With that said, I think it’s important to make sure that these numbers are kept in some kind of context. And whilst 12 points per month isn’t terrible, it is worth keeping in mind that this is ultimately based off those 2 point stakes. As such, there could well be an argument made that you could feasibly half this result for a more accurate picture of what your returns would be.

And if you take this approach, then honestly, you just aren’t looking at a lot of money in my opinion. 6 points per month still puts you in the black which is no small feat. However, I feel that at that kind of profit (once you’ve covered your subscription costs, no matter how low) it is a little bit difficult to justify the time needed for an extra £11 per week.

With all of that said, it is also worth noting the fact that the ROI for Perran Farm Racing stands at a really quite respectable (especially given the long time that this has been proofed to Tipster Street) 14.92%.

Conclusion for Perran Farm Racing

It is very apparent to me that there is a lot to like about Perran Farm Racing. It really isn’t expensive. The fact that Tipster Street have proofed the service for so long means you really do get a good idea of what you are getting into. And, depending on what is important to you in terms of the profit and loss, it has arguably done well in that department too.

With that said though, I think the big debate that really surrounds this is whether or not it really does make enough money. And this is where I think you really have to look at the results and place them into context. Sure, since May 2018, Perran Farm Racing has made that 245 point profit. But what if I told you that since June 2019, it has actually seen almost 140 of those points.

The fact is that between September(ish) 2018 and June 2019, the overall profit very much hovered around that 100 point mark. And then suddenly, the tipster behind the service appears to have hit a decent run of form and there has been a strong indicator that you will actually do well out of this.

But that begs the question, how much time, money, and effort do you put into a tipster that has unfortunately stagnated for a long period of time before? Because whilst the recent run of form has indeed been good, it would be naïve to think that this may not go back to where it was before.

So unfortunately, in writing my conclusion, I have to take the ultimate cop out answer. Because this is a service that has a very clear demographic to which it will be very appealing. And there are also people who will entirely justifiably see this as something that just isn’t worth bothering with. As such, whether or not Perran Farm Racing will work for you is a very personal preference.

If you are just getting started with betting and are looking for a manageable tipster service that isn’t too expensive. Then this is a good jumping off point. Sure, it might not set the world alight, but you shouldn’t lose money either which frankly, could be considered a huge win for some tipsters.

The whole set up should allow you to get used to the ebb and flow of things, teach you about discipline, managing a betting bank, and making sure that you keep track of your betting. All skills that if you want to take your betting to the next level, you will realistically need. I know far too many people who have lost a lot of money by breaking these simple rules.

With that having been said, I think that there is a very limited scope to what you can probably achieve with Perran Farm Racing as well. As such, if you already follow a tipster service, I don’t see this being something that will replace your daily driver. Furthermore, if you have any expectation of making a decent amount of profit, then you will probably end up rather disappointed by the limitations.


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