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Personal Info Review Kevin Mather Tipster

Personal Info is an email and SMS based horse racing tipster service from Kevin Mather who has shown consistent longevity as a tipster.

What does the product offer?

Personal Info is a long standing tipster service that provides users with two different services. The first is the Mainline Service which provides subscribers with every tip that Kevin Mather makes available. The second option is a Saturday’s Only Service which provides selections on Saturdays only including maximum bets. Personal Info has been proofed by Besttipping for around 10 years over which it has maintained a strike rate of 34.91% and average odds of 4.25.

How does the product work?

For Personal Info’s selections Kevin Mather relies on a number of long standing informants as well as his own analysis of races. Using the information that Personal Info’s network sends in, certain races are then chosen based on this. From here form and previous statistics are taken into account with selections being made from based on that.

What is the initial investment?

Personal Info has a number of different payment plans for both its Mainline Service and Saturday’s Only Service. All subscriptions are paid upfront and the prices quoted are based on a promo code that Kevin Mather freely shares (831) that provides 50% off. For the Mainline Service you can sign up for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months with an annual or 2 year membership also available. These cost £84.50, £244.50, £399, £669 and £996 respectively. The Saturday service costs £39 for 3 Saturdays, £69 for 6, £109 for 12, £189 for 25 and £299 for 50 Saturdays. There doesn’t appear to be any refund policy in place for this.

What is the rate of return?

Over the last 10 years (approximately) Personal Info has made 960.87 points of profit. The advertised profit of £93,267 is to £100 stakes and does factor in the cost of the service.


Personal Info has proven itself over time to be able to generate a profit which would make it a great part of a portfolio for somebody who has some serious capital. The biggest downside is undoubtedly the cost but under the circumstances it would appear that you get what you are paying for. The Saturday’s only service is a much cheaper option for the casual punter or bettor who is just starting and may not have a lot of investment capital. Either way, from what I have seen Personal Info is a solid option and one of the better looking tipster services online if you can afford it.



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From: Simon Roberts