Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate Review

Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by the Betfan group. As the name of service suggest, selections come courtesy of Peter James who has generated a seemingly reasonable profit for 2017.

What does the product offer?

Whenever a tipster service has the term syndicate in it, I am almost instantly put on edge about it. A syndicate in and of itself is not a problem and I don’t dispute that there are genuine and successful betting syndicates out there. For me, more often than not, when it is used in the context of Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate, it is first and foremost as a marketing term. Even within this particular product, it is operated by Peter James with no real input from elsewhere (that we are made aware of). Given that the definition of a syndicate according to the Oxford Dictionary is “ a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote a common interest”, you can see why I may take exception to the term.

My semantic nature aside, what about the service itself? Peter James says that he believes no more than ever that there “are in fact people in the know”. The sales material for the service then goes on to ask “Do YOU want to be in the know? Do YOU want to be part of a Secret Pro Punters Syndicate?”. There is a lot of talk along these lines which is pretty much standard for the Betfan group. What is much less obvious is whether or not there is really potential for profit here.

Given that Secret Pro Punters Syndicate is a Betfan service this means that there is definitely a level of professionalism that you can expect. This includes selections from Secret Pro Punters Syndicate on a near daily basis. These are sent out via email as well as being uploaded to a special member’s area of the Betfan website. One of the things that I like about Secret Pro Punters Syndicate is that there is just one bet per day. This means that following along with Peter James’s selections is never too difficult or time consuming. The odds that Secret Pro Punters Syndicate bets on are varied however this is a healthy balance.

I have mentioned that the Betfan name comes with a certain level of professionalism however it also comes with a staking plan that I am not personally keen on. All proofing for Secret Pro Punters Syndicate is based off 5 points per bet, something which can become pricey in the long term. Especially if there is a losing streak, something that Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate has so far avoided to any substantial degree (which I don’t doubt is aided by the strict number of bets involved).

Sticking with the numbers side of things, this only leaves the strike rate to consider. Given pretty much a full year of proofing, Secret Pro Punters Syndicate has maintained an average strike rate of 46.01% which is a hugely impressive figure for a back to win service. Doubly so when you consider that Peter James has maintained this for as long as he has.

How does the product work?

There are a number of things that I wish to address with Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate and a distinctive lack of information is one of them. I have already mentioned the fact that Peter James believes that some people are simply in the know. However there is nothing that really explains what being in the know entails in his case.

This means that you are following Secret Pro Punters Syndicate on a pretty much blind basis. Whilst the results are far from terrible and this is definitely some testament to the service, I do believe that all punters should have some information so that they can make an informed purchase. Really, outside of being told that Peter James is one of these who are in the know and that “It’s [his[ job to put in the long hours to find [his] members winners”, we are given nothing.

What is the initial investment?

With strong results typically comes a high purchase price. Throw in the fact that Betfan aren’t really known as being inexpensive and you have a bit of a perfect storm. Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate is available on a monthly (which is actually 28 days) and a quarterly (which is actually 90 days) basis. These are priced at £79 and £158 respectively. This is supposedly limited to just 75 subscribers at any given time.

As is the case with all products from the Betfan group, there is no real money back guarantee in place. The team say in their terms and conditions that they will review any refund requests however these are not typically given.

What is the rate of return?

The proofing for Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate shows a profit at the end of the year of 426.38 points. This is a very strong figure although it pales next to the ROI which currently stands at 29.3%. What is interesting when you start to break down the results however are that if you look at just the last 6 months, Secret Pro Punters Syndicate has actually earned a profit of just 42.89 points. Factor in that this is based of 5 point stakes and the picture unfortunately becomes a little bleaker.


They say that football is a game of two halves however in the case of Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate, it could just as equally apply to horse racing. The start of the year saw some phenomenal profits with 385 points generated in less than 4 months. Since then, things have bene much more hit and miss. This is a shame as I do believe that there is probably something that is fundamentally decent underneath Secret Pro Punters Syndicate.

As it stands however, one has to consider value for money and the immediate form suggests that this may not be there with Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate at this time. Over 6 months, even being optimistic and using the 5 point stakes, you would have to stake £10 per point (meaning £50 per bet) just to cover your subscription fees. Even applying the discount that is available for subscribing monthly still means staking £7.50 per point, again, this is just to cover costs.

All of this means that unfortunately, based on the current form, I simply can’t see any aspect of Peter James Secret Pro Punters Syndicate that I would recommend. I cannot stress enough that I believe that there is probably something decent underneath it all, but a service has to pay out, especially one that is as expensive as this one. Despite the fact that I don’t believe that here and now is the time to subscribe to Secret Pro Punters Syndicate, I do feel that it is probably something that is worth being on your radar.

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