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PH Tennis Betting Club Review

PH Tennis Betting Club is a sports betting tipster service operated by Paul Hale and offered by Bet Kudos. As is obvious from the name, the service is based around betting on tennis.

What does the product offer?

Having enjoyed a few relatively successful summers providing tennis tips for Bet Kudos, Paul Hale is now looking to make PH Tennis Betting Club a year round service. Selections are definitely not a daily thing, namely because there simply isn’t that much tennis played. Bets seem to be a combination of doubles (possibly triples or even accumulators for the future) and betting on a certain player to win a game. Staking for PH Tennis Betting Club has been varied to date with anywhere from 2-5 points being placed on a bet. There is no strike rate available for PH Tennis Betting Club however a quick glance at the results suggest that this would likely be around 50% historically however I would not count on this year round.

How does the product work?

There is nothing mentioned about the selection process for PH Tennis Betting Club which is rather disappointing. That having been said there are some hints. First of all, Paul Hale says that he chose tennis because there is always a 50/50 outcome which should help minimise loss. Paul Hale also says that he has previously spent 5 years working with online bookmakers (presumably before PH Tennis Betting Club was launched) however I don’t feel that this really explains anything.

What is the initial investment?

PH Tennis Betting Club is available on a 28 day or 90 day subscription which cost £34 and £75 respectively. Both options are available half price for your first time subscribing to allow you to trial the service. In terms of a refund policy, PH Tennis Betting Club doesn’t really have anything in place. As Bet Kudos is a part of the Betfan group you are told that you can request a refund and this will be reviewed however they are not typically given.

What is the rate of return?

Since 2013 Paul Hale has previously made 138.11 points of profit for PH Tennis Betting Club subscribers based purely off 3 months over summer. How this will translate over a full season remains to be seen however so far January has lost 10 points.


Being honest, PH Tennis Betting Club has not got off to the best of starts. That having been said historically the service has performed pretty well. This creates something of a quandary as the way I see it there are two things at play here. One is that PH Tennis Betting Club has simply got off to a bad start which happens. The other alternative is that Paul Hale is out of his depth full time. Personally I think I’d give PH Tennis Betting Club a bit of time to see how things pan out and which is the case. There is some real potential however I don’t feel that jumping into PH Tennis Betting Club is the right thing to do.



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