Phoenix Racing Review

Phoenix Racing is a newly launched horse racing tipster service from the Sportsworld Publishing team. The results boast some very impressive results over a relatively short space of time.

Introduction to Phoenix Racing

It has been a while since I have seen something new from Sportsworld Publishing. If I am honest, not everything that they have put out has preformed as expected in the long term. In spite of this, I have had some very positive results from their services as well.

phoenix-racing-reviewIn fact, if I am honest, I think that it is great to see companies like Sportsworld Publishing still putting out services.

The fact of the matter is that recently has been rather difficult simply due to the amount of blatant rubbish that I was being informed of. This is a new day however and there is a very real, and potentially very good, tipster service in front of me. The only question is whether or not it can deliver similar results with any form of consistency.

What Does Phoenix Racing Offer?

In terms of how Sportsworld Publishing operate Phoenix Racing, this is a very typical horse racing tipster service. Each day selections are issued to subscribers directly via email. One of the things that does stand out here is that tips are sent out the night before racing, usually between 8pm and 9pm. For reasons that I will get to, this is an imperative to the service being a success.

The emails contain a decent amount of information, certainly enough that you can know exactly what you are looking for. This includes advised odds, however Oddschecker will fit hand in hand with Phoenix Racing if you are looking to get the most out of it.

The bets themselves are a very straight forward affair. Each day you can expect between one and three bets to be advised.

Typically speaking, this does average out somewhere around the middle. The bets that Sportsworld Publishing send out are mostly win bets, however this is pretty marginal over each way bets. Given that Phoenix Racing is based around longer odds however, it does make sense

For me, this is an invite to talk about the staking plan. It is recommended that each bet that Phoenix Racing issues is backed to level stakes of just 1 point. This applies both a level stake as well as 0.5 points each way.

There is no mention of any betting bank from Sportsworld Publishing, however long losing runs are not just likely, but common place. This means that you need something relatively robust and as such, if I were following Phoenix Racing, I would have a betting bank of at least 100 points.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate. It goes without saying that Phoenix Racing is a service that isn’t going to win often. To create some context for this, there have been periods of 21 losses on the trot.

This is a massive number however Sportsworld Publishing do have the information there in proofing which allows you to at least foster some understanding in this regard. In spite of this, the strike rate overall stands at between 20 and 25%, however if you look at more recent months this number does drop quite a lot.

How Does Phoenix Racing Work?

It is very apparent to me that there is almost no information provided on what the selection process entails. Unfortunately, this is an area where Sportsworld Publishing can’t seem to deliver. We are literally told nothing about how Phoenix Racing works.

This is a problem for me because the service places such an emphasis on big wins coming in infrequently that I would like to know that the tipster behind the service understands what they are doing.

This is undoubtedly frustrating however I do feel that the length of time that Phoenix Racing has been proofing with Sportsworld Publishing does go some way to counteracting that.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option available if you want to subscribe to Phoenix Racing and that is the not inconsiderable amount of £40 per month. It is worth noting that at the time of writing, you do get your first month for a discounted rate of £25. Payment for the whole process is handled via Paypal and goes directly to Sportsworld Publishing.

It should be noted that there are no explicit details from Sportsworld Publishing about whether or not Phoenix Racing comes with any money back guarantee. They do however say that any refund requests should be made by email or telephone where they will be given “immediately attention”.

What is the Rate of Return?

According to the results from Sportsworld Publishing, over a 6 week period the service has generated a profit of 50.1 points. This is a phenomenal result and I can see why they were keen to bring Phoenix Racing to market.

This isn’t the key selling point to me however. This belongs the fact that this 50.1 points of profit would equate to an ROI of 86.4% based off the 58 points staked. Since then, the service has gone on to make 131.98 points according to the proofing.

Conclusion to Phoenix Racing

The focus for the sales pitch from Sportsworld Publishing is that the service attained some phenomenal results in a very short space of time. Even if it is just for a relatively short 6 week period, and ROI of 86.4% is incredible. The results since then do not quite live up to the lofty ideal that the first month and a half set, but they aren’t half bad.

In fact, dare I say that they are some of the stronger results that I have seen for some time. What is worth keeping in mind however is that since that first period, we have seen 80 points of profit which since the start of June, is slightly less impressive.

This does however mean that there is still a respectable 20 points per month on average.

What puts me off slightly is that there is no information really provided about what the selection process entails, especially when you look at the fact that there can be long losing streaks. To put this into context, without looking too hard, I can see 20 bets losing on the bounce. This combined with a low strike rate shows that there is a lot that can go wrong.

Furthermore, I can see how it can go wrong quite quickly.

This brings one main question to mind for me and that is whether or not Phoenix Racing represents value for money. There is no getting away from the fact that whilst Phoenix Racing is not the most expensive service that I have looked at for some time, it is also not exactly cheap. £40 per month is quite a lot. For my money, I am inclined to say that the profit potential does outweigh the costs involved, however this is a very thin line.

As far as tipster services go, Phoenix Racing is probably best described as slightly better than average. The price that Sportsworld Publishing are asking for selections also represent a slight premium. Presuming the results continue in the same vein, it is worth some serious consideration.

The nature of the results however show that there is a lot of potential for Phoenix Racing to go wrong and as such, I believe that it is very important to highlight that this is a service which comes with some quite substantial risk.



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Hi, thanks you for reviewing my service Phoenix Racing. Just following up on your comment and to add a little background to the rationale of selections please take a read of the below. Hopefully you have continued to follow the results and 10 months in we are still delivering decent profits.

The large majority of punters approach race analysis and selections whilst taking an honest view of what they have seen in previous races. Form is taken literally and the revised handicap mark used to try and ascertain should those horses meet again whether on revised terms A will beat B once again etc.

Racing is not that straightforward!

To beat the book you need to look past the obvious and watch those horses running over an unsuitable trip, on the wrong ground and in the wrong class. So many times you can witness horses starting slowly, veering at the start and tucking in behind the field before meeting “trouble” in running before being eased and finishing with a 0 against its name in the form. Many punters will overlook next time out but that 0 does not tell the whole story or in some cases or even a chapter !

A lesser handicap mark usually prevails and when the race conditions are more suited, and the right handicap mark is secured, the day arrives when the horse takes advantage of that mark and delivers an improved performance. There are “tells” to show when the day is day and these along with race reading to highlight those horses to keep in mind for a future race is what we offer.

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