Picking Donkey’s Review

Picking Donkey’s is a lay betting system that claims to offer a 92.5% strike rate over four and a half years.

What does the product offer?

Picking Donkey’s provides you with a copy of their system detailing how they make their choices as well as a 7 day subscription to their “7 Day Selection Pass”. This provides you with the details of the choices the Picking Donkey’s Team to enable you to see how they reached that conclusion and apply that knowledge to your own selections.

How does the product work?

As mentioned above the system is essentially a lay betting system utilising Betfair. For those who do not know, lay betting is basically where you bet on which horses won’t win rather than those who will. It is allegedly based upon a formula that allows users to pick horses that are “priced a lot lower than they should be”. Picking Donkey’s claim that this provides them with an advantage as they are choosing horses that will rarely win which gives them such a high strike rate.

What is the initial investment?

The system retails for £9.95 but is currently sold out with an option to register on a waiting list. On top of this initial cost there would be the cost of betting with Picking Donkey’s saying they average around 17 bets per month at £10 per bet.

What is the rate of return?

The Picking Donkey’s Team claim that you will get returns of £107 per month with their system. Again, this is based on a £10 per point system.


Picking Donkey’s is essentially just another lay betting system. But I am loathe to use the term “just another”. At the time of writing this the initial run of 200 places have been snapped up with a waiting list for more, and why shouldn’t there be? Out of the many lay betting systems I have looked at this seems to be the one most grounded in reality. They offer a small number of bets because the system is about winning small amounts often, not creating a risky play to try for a quick buck.

In fact the creators of the system state “Trying to add more bets for the sake of it would likely give us a few more winners, but also a lot more losers and some at pretty bad odds”. This suggests to me that really, the interests of their clientèle is very much at heart and this is only a good thing. The profit claims are plenty believable and most importantly, they are a reflection of £10 bets. Many other sites inflate earnings by using massive initial stakes but with Picking Donkey’s what you see really seems to be what you can get.



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Comments (3)

I joined picking donkeys at the beginning of August .what a nightmare.
He claimed on average to make 20 points a month and never had a losing month
Well look at these figures for August so far
The last 17;days have lost 28 points and 14 of the 17 days were losses.
So far this month due to a reasonable start they are down 15 points.
They have had 61 lays with 15 winners .if it was a betting site the results are quite good.
But unfortunately it is a laying site .
At the moment I feel totally misled and dissallusioned with the whole site.
Lawrence Gilbert
Also I have sent several emails and not had the courtesy of a reply

I have to report again a disastrous performance on the PICKING DONKEYS SITE.
Their claims of a 94% success rate is nonsense.
So far in September up to 23rd 111 selections to lose and 21 horses have won
Giving a performance of 81%
In the last 7 days there were 33 selections to lose and 8 won giving a loss of 14 points.
I have been on this site for 3 months now and their results are nowhere near what they claim.
You would make more money if you bet the horses not laying them.
Avoid this site!!!
Lawrence gilbert

The review you have made about the PICKING DONKEYS SITE is far from accurate.
You say they only choose a few lays per day .
On most days they pick 7 to 10 horses to lose it is just a numbers game .
Anyone could pick losers over 10 selections
On Monday 21st sept they picked 6 horses to lose and 4 won giving a loss of 13 points
On weds 23rd sept they picked 9 horses to lose and 3 won one of the winners was odds of 14 to 1
On betfair.giving a loss for the day of 15 points
So in 2 days they lost 27 points I wish I used them as a tipping site .
Your review of this site needs updating to reflect how poor they are
Lawrence gilbert
My information is based on facts

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