PIE Trading Strategy Review

PIE Trading Strategy is an options based trading strategy devised by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert that is currently being marketed by Streetwise Publications.

What does the product offer?

The PIE Trading Strategy is a specialist trading strategy devised by Glynn Calvert and offered in conjunction with his business partner Paul Bent under their business Profitable Investment Education. This is somewhat contrary to the marketing that Streetwise Publications are issuing. That aside, we can begin to examine some of the details of PIE Trading Strategy. It is taught in a one day training conference by Glynn Calvert and Paul Bent which are typically hosted in their base of Sheffield or also in London. PIE Trading Strategy is not touted as a get rich quick scheme and you will require some significant investment in order to get started trading with their method. Glynn Calvert says that the PIE Trading Strategy is risk free. Furthermore PIE Trading Strategy is said to require minimal effort requiring just a few minutes per month in terms of making the relevant trade (something that PIE Trading Strategy will show you how to identify).

How does PIE Trading Strategy work?

PIE Trading Strategy is all about trading future options. This means that you are able to purchase the option to buy shares at a later date at the price that you purchase the options at. This is a method of minimising risk if it is managed correctly and this is something that Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert capitalise on for PIE Trading Strategy. Should for any reason PIE Trading Strategy reach certain less than favourable conditions then you will be shown a special trick to salvage your account.

What is the initial investment?

This is without a doubt the biggest downside to PIE Trading Strategy as the day training course comes in at £2997. The next day course is presently scheduled for 28th April in London. There is also a money back guarantee provided wherein if you get to the first break of the training day and you feel that PIE Trading Strategy isn’t for you, you can claim a full refund. There is also a home study course that is available for the same price as the day course.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is based around a consistent percentage rather than any particular points base system. In this regard, PIE Trading Strategy is claimed by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert to produce an average profit of 2.4% per month.

Conclusion on PIE Trading Strategy

Options trading is a bit of a mixed bag and there is plenty of risk involved in this however with the right kind of system this can absolutely be managed as minimal. Everything that I have looked at about Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert seems to be positive and suggest that this is the case however the lack of what I would call objective commentary is slightly off putting. That having been said, Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert are very open about themselves and their business, even going to the extent of offering mobile numbers for both men which is not the actions of somebody who doesn’t believe in their product.



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Muhammad Asim Farooq

I want to fully understand about how does it works ??
Procedure etc ? The Investments,profit or loss ?
Can it be compared with bitcoin ??
What is the importance of Pie in the International trading or Money exchange ??

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