PipSpring Trading System Review

PipSpring Trading System is a piece of Forex trade alert software provided by Mike Ndegwa.

What does the product offer?

PipSpring Trading System is a piece of software based around Mike Ndegwa’s trading system. He claims that PipSpring Trading System is able to identify market trends and alert users to the most profitable trading opportunities based on this. Mike Ndegwa says that PipSpring Trading System is a complete package offering exit signals, risk management features and money management.

How does the product work?

According to Mike Ndegwa, PipSpring Trading System uses an algorithm that is based on 5 custom indicators. These are a volume indicator, trade indicator, momentum indicator an a price average indicator. These operate in tandem with standard Metatrader indicators to provide what Mike Ndegwa calls triple confirmation of a trade. As mentioned above Mike Ndegwa also includes money and risk management systems based around when to take profit and staking advice.

What is the initial investment?

PipSpring Trading System is available for a one off fee of $97 although Mike Ndegwa claims that this is for a limited time only. Unfortunately there are no refunds available.

What is the rate of return?

Mike Ndegwa says that using PipSpring Trading System he was able to turn a $2,000 trading account into $5,392.91 in 3 months.


Firstly I feel it is important to address what I don’t like about PipSpring Trading System. The fact that there are no refunds is a cause for huge concern, especially on a $97 product. This is pretty much industry standard by now and it doesn’t instil a sense of confidence. What is good though are the examples made available by Mike Ndegwa with plenty of examples of previous trades available which makes a change from the usual bank screenshots. I also like that the claims of profit made are reasonable. $1130 per month sounds like a very achievable sum of money which serves as further reassurance. Unfortunately though, I cannot look past the lack of a money back guarantee. Some people may consider it worth a gamble but I am not one of them.



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