Place Ace Service Review

Place Ace Service is an independent horse racing tipster service from Chris Pershaw of The Race Ace. As the name rather heavily implies, the service puts the focus on placed betting.

What does the product offer?

As far as horse racing tipster services go, Place Ace Service is surprisingly down the line with Chris Pershaw feeling very little need to embellish or exaggerate his service. Instead there is a no nonsense approach which fits the nature of bets that Place Ace Service is concerned with. As far as tipster services go Place Ace Service is definitely on the selective side with most months yielding less than just 30 selections.  

These will be for races across the UK and are generally sent out before 11.30am (with advice if there are no selections not surprisingly given that Chris Pershaw focuses on placed betting, the odds aren’t exactly high however this overlooks the point.

As Place Ace Service is concerned with place betting you will require an account with a betting exchange and Chris Pershaw recommend that you use Betfair. Unfortunately, there is no published striker rate for Place Ace Service however a look at the results show that most months will have some losing bets ranging from around 10% to as high as around 50%,

How does the product work?

Chris Preshaw makes no real effort to hide the fact that a lot of his selections are based around studying the statistics. This isn’t simply a case of picking out a few horses however and sending them out as the sales material makes it perfectly clear that the system is constantly being tweaked and improved.

There is also the seemingly ever present experience with the sales material for Place Ace Service opening by talking of Chris Pershaw’s time (allegedly around 15 years of experience) spent as a bettor.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there is just one monthly cost for Place Ace Service which is set at £44.95 which is subscription based. At the time of writing however there is a limited time offer available which allows you to trial Place Ace Service for a month for just £17.95 before committing to a longer term tipster service.

As you would probably expect given the fact that it is ultimately a tipster service, Place Ace Service doesn’t offer a money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential of Place Ace Service isn’t (as you would perhaps expect) particularly high however this isn’t the be all and end all with this service.


Place Ace Service is pretty low risk, of that there can be very little in the way of doubt about whether it is worth buying into. On a particularly good month Place Ace Service will make around £500.

This is however to £50 stakes which means even a big winning month can be seen as a loss. That doesn’t mean that every week will be like that but there just isn’t a very large margin in terms of taking profit out of Place Ace Service and this is definitely a deal breaker for me which is a shame as otherwise, Chris Pershaw seems to have a decent underpinning system.



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From: Simon Roberts