Place Kings Review

Place Kings is a new horse racing tipster service operated by Luke Matthews that claims to provide subscribers with profitable long term betting advice.

What does the product offer?

As far as horse racing tipster services go, I don’t really feel that Place Kings does anything too different with one rather substantial exception. Place Kings is a free service. As the name suggests, Luke Matthews looks exclusively at place based betting in order to generate a profit.

Place Kings is rather very high volume with todays selections producing 20 different advised bets, several of which are on the same race (in fact, one race has 3 different horses backed to place).

The bets themselves are a combination of place, accumulator and lay bets which means that you will be using a combination of bookies and betting exchanges if you want to follow all bets that Place Kings advises.

For accumulators, you can usually expect advice on which bookmaker to go to in order to place your bet. In terms of the numbers, level staking plans are recommended across all bets.

The strike rate is claimed to be 75% which is a huge figure for any placing service. Not surprisingly however, Luke Matthews provides no real evidence that Place Kings is able to achieve this result.

How does the product work?

Rather disappointingly there is no real information made available on how Luke Matthews makes his selections for Place Kings.

In fact, the whole logic behind the service seems to be based on the fact that tipsters can score higher than an average of 12.5% when backing winners, a number that represents the 1 in 8 chance of picking the right horse.

With that in mind, Luke Matthews can pick higher than the 3 in 8 chance (37.5%) that place betting invites.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing this, Luke Matthews is giving his Place Kings selections away for free. As a result of this, they are only available or Friday through Sunday.

It is strongly suggested however that Place Kings will ultimately become a paid for service although there is no word on what this might cost.

What is the rate of return?

Perhaps surprisingly, there is very little data available about how much you can expect to make following Place Kings. Given the low odds that place betting involves I simply can’t see Place Kings producing a satisfactory ROI.


There is one fact about Place Kings that overrides all other problems and that is the fact that it is free.

Personally, I have a number of issues with the set up of the service including the fact that I feel that Place Kings constitutes something of a risky option.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no proofing whatsoever to back up the results that Luke Matthews claims.

As a result, I would be inclined to follow Place Kings however this would be mostly whilst it remains a free service. I am certainly not convinced that Place Kings is really capable of delivering a service that warrants a premium.


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From: Simon Roberts