Place Master Review

Place Master is the culmination of the T-Factor, the brainchild of Matt Houghton to find the best unknown tipster in the UK. The overall winner and creator of the system is Karl Zanft.

What does the product offer?

Place Master is a subscription based tipping service that has been developed by Karl Zanft. Karl Zanft was the winner of “The T-Factor”, a competition created by Matt Houghton that monitored the results of a number of amateur tipsters with readers of Matt Houghton’s newsletter Betting Rant, voting for the tipster they would like to see voted out of the competition. Matt Houghton claims that Karl Zanft’s Place Master system had only one losing day in 22 weeks of competition.

How does the product work?

Place Master sends out emails daily with around 6 or 7 selections each day. Also included on the email is staking information to maximise profit whilst minimising loss. There is little information in terms of what Karl Zanft’s system actually entails as details will have obviously been kept under wraps for the duration of the competition. It seems to be based predominantly on his knowledge combined with form analysis.

What is the initial investment?

The Place Master tipping service sells for a monthly subscription cost of £14.95 per month on direct debit. If you choose to pay by credit card it is slightly costlier at £17.95. The first 10 days of the first month are absolutely free with no money being taken out of your account. Once the 10 days have passed the first month’s subscription is taken. There is a 30 day guarantee on the product so should you be unhappy you can request your money back.

What is the rate of return?

For the 22 week period of The T-Factor Matt Hougton claims that Karl Zanst was able to generate £1,245.91 in profit.


The system in place seems to have been rigorously tested during Matt Houghton’s competition and he is adamant that his Betting Rant readers have made the right choice in voting Karl Zanst as the winner. The profit generated is quite a tidy sum, working out at a little under £250 per month. The sale price is low and this further makes Place Master look like a good choice in terms of a betting system, especially when you put it next to some of the competition and compare figures and prices. Although be aware that Matt has a lot of systems, and the results have not always been positive, although you can claim a money back guarantee.



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