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Place Profit Blueprint Review

Place Profit Blueprint is an all-weather horse racing tipping service developed by Ross Turner.

What does the product offer?

Place Profit Blueprint provides users with daily tips through an online web application. Ross Turner refers to his system as “a log in and go” service which essentially involves logging in to Place Profit Blueprint and then placing your bets. Selections are “normally available” by 09:30 according to Ross Turner with an average of 3.3 selections each day. Place Profit Blueprint claims to have a strike rate of 46.03% over an 11 month period with average matched odds of 3.0.

How does the product work?

As mentioned above obtaining your tips for the day is as easy as logging onto a website which will then detail selections. These selections are made on the basis of statistical analysis according to Ross Turner. It is recommended that bets are made through Betfair. Place Profit Blueprint recommends using either a level stakes betting system or a 1% or 2% compound stakes.

What is the initial investment?

Place Profit Blueprint is available on an annual or lifetime basis. Subscription for the year is £39 taking advantage of Ross Turner’s Christmas special offer, whilst a lifetime membership is available for £77. These costs are reduced from £137 and £347 respectively although the reduced rates are a limited offer. Ross Turner does state that there is no refund policy on his system as it is a betting system and there is inherent risk.

What is the rate of return?

Place Profit Blueprint claims profits of between 117.3 points and 421.32 points depending on whether you choose to use level stakes or compound stakes. Based off a starting bank of £2000, Ross Turner claims that using these figures £8,381.75 is a realistically achievable income.


There doesn’t seem to be anything about Place Profit Blueprint that really sets it apart from its competitors. The strike rate seems a little low compared to the claimed returns which suggest that there are a number of high risk horses thrown into the mix. That having been said the longest losing streak for Place Profit Blueprint appears to be 8 losses which isn’t a terrible number so the selections must be somewhat reasonable. What Place Profit Blueprint really has going for it is the price. This is a limited time offer but any tipster service that you can get for less than 20p per day is potentially worth a punt.



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From: Simon Roberts