Place Profit Masters Review

Place Profit Masters is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by Carl Murray and Best System Bets. The service is claimed to be massively profitable for all subscribers.

Introduction to Place Profit Masters

I don’t mind a video presentation when it comes to selling me a service. Honestly, it can often be used to bring your attention to things that can get lost in wall of text, for example. What I do mind is when I have no choice but to sit through a video presentation.

Especially when it is one that is put together in the fashion that Carl Murray and Best System Bets have done with Place Profit Masters. There is a strong focus in this sales video on pandering a number of highly questionable statements and claims and as such, I feel like my time has been wasted before I’ve even sat down to get to grips with the service.

Place_Profit_Masters_Review None the less, Place Profit Masters is supposedly hugely profitable so there’s no worries right? I can just watch the next video from my private Barbados beachfront hut surely? If only…

What Does Place Profit Masters Offer?

So, what exactly do you get when you sign up for Place Profit Masters? The short answer to this is a very bog standard tipster service that frankly, seems to be quite badly thought out (for a lot of reasons that I will get to shortly). Logistically, Carl Murray is offering the usual daily selections which are sent out directly to subscribers.

This happens directly via email with selections usually landing before 11.15am. It is worth noting that rather interestingly, there are only a very limited number of email providers that you can actually use with Place Profit Masters with some automatically sending selections to your junk folder.

In terms of the bets themselves, Place Profit Masters is entirely based almost entirely around place bets as the name would suggest (with some doubles and trebles thrown in). What is incredibly interesting about this is the fact that there are very few bookies that actually accept place only bets.

This means that realistically, you will be confined to a betting exchange. Whilst this isn’t inherently a problem, the fact that Carl Murray and Best System Bets don’t mention this anywhere is disappointing. In terms of the volume of bets, you can typically expect just 3 or 4 bets from Place Profit Masters according to the sales material whilst the odds range from 4/7 – 7/1.

Moving on to the staking plan, there is unfortunately very little information that is provided. Carl Murray suggests that he stakes quite substantially with his own bets, however there doesn’t appear to be any hard or fast rules for Place Profit Masters. Instead, it is strongly implied that you should start with smaller stakes. All of this is pretty basic information though and honestly, I would expect more from a service that is supposedly professional.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate, or the lack thereof I should say. We are told that Place Profit Masters is a “High strike rate place bet formula”. There is also a general strong theme running through the sales material that you can expect to win frequently.

The truth of the matter though is that Carl Murray at no point makes a specific claim. Nor do Best System Bets provide any proofing for Place Profit Masters so honestly, it is difficult to know where go with Place Profit Masters. Personally, I would be very inclined to actually keep modest expectations. Being realistic, even at this early point I am not convinced that this service will work as advertised.

How Does Place Profit Masters Work?

 Carl Murray claims that he spent weekends and summer holidays at the “Dungog Camp Drafting School” and that whilst here, he learned to ride horses. For those who are uninitiated (because I know I was), this appears to be the Dungog Campdraft, a school in New South Wales, Australia (a point that becomes particularly salient for reasons I will get to), that teaches people how to become rodeo riders. Whilst here, Carl Murray claims that he “developed a knack” of being able to tell which horses will be quick.  

As well as this insight, we are also told that there is a finely tuned betting system happening under the hood of Place Profit Masters. Carl Murray also says that the system is based on applying “acquired information about current horse racing and mathematically spread out selections”.

Other claims made about how Place Profit Masters works include the claim that selections are made based around certain statistics that Carl Murray has identified by studying magazines, talking to contacts and a keen eye for a champion. Carl Murray follows everything from the Demographic of the horses to the time and location of the race performance of jockey and trainer etc.

This builds on the notion that Place Profit Masters is based  on the idea that having money on 3 positions instead of one, increase your chance of winning.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three options that are available to those who wish to subscribe to Place Profit Masters.

The first of these is a 60 day subscription which is priced at £15.98 (supposedly a substantial reduction on the claimed actual value which is of £39.95 per month. There are also options to subscribe to Place Profit Masters for 6 months at a cost of £28.76 and an annual subscription which is priced at £47.40 (again, this is claimed to be a substantial discount on the real cost of £479.40).

It is worth noting that all of these options are supposedly on a timer, however this has been available despite expiring and me returning to the sales page. This leads me to believe that Best System Bets may simply be employing a cheap marketing trick. It is also of note that all of the options that are available come with a full 60 day money back guarantee as Place Profit Masters is sold through Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

According to the sales video for Place Profit Masters, Carl Murray claims that he personally makes £1,436.37 every week. This is a massive number that is entirely unsubstantiated, however we are told that this amount hasn’t been made through £10 bets. Whilst this ends up amounting to a shade under £75,000 per year.

This is a long way from the most extreme profit claim that Carl Murray and Best System Bets made. This definitely comes down to the claim that there is an ROI for the service of  between 84% and 147% (somehow averaging out at 87%) for the month. The overall ROI Carl Murray claims stands at 1370%..

Conclusion on Place Profit Masters

I know that I started this review wit ha very cynical tone, sarcastically referring to writing this from my hut in Barbados. I’m still in my office, and that is because Place Profit Masters is ultimately quite a lazy piece of marketing that just doesn’t seem to have been well researched or put together.

Sure, Best System Bets hit all the right notes in so much as they make (arguably unrealistic) claims about what you can expect, the risk involved, the tipster behind the service, and finally the profits at hand.

I have already discussed the vague allusions to how successful Place Profit Masters will be in terms of the number of winning bets, however there is more to it than this.

The fact that the tipster behind the service supposedly attended a pretty prestigious looking academy for horse riding and rodeo isn’t in and of itself unbelievable, but the fact that they have attended one that is based in Australia (over Summer and on Weekends), despite seemingly being British suggests that the vendor behind Place Profit Masters has not looked into everything fully.

Furthermore, they actually get the name of the riding school wrong! Hmmmm!

Now, the results. Usually, these kinds of more questionable tipster services stand out because somebody is supposedly making £100,000 plus from betting. In the case of Place Profit Masters, this makes the claim of £75,000 seem almost modest in comparison.

The ROI however is stratospherically high. I can say with confidence that I cannot recall any service claiming to get even close to the numbers that Carl Murray and Best System Bets are claiming. Should there have been some tangible evidence supplied, I may be more inclined to offer some benefit of doubt, but there isn’t.

All of this is more than enough to tell me that there is a lot about Place Profit Masters that is, at best, suspect. Whilst I can see the appeal in terms of the pricing, if you aren’t paying a lot for a bad product, you are still buying a bad product.

As such, I can’t really bring myself to recommend Place Profit Masters at all. I just don’t see it achieving even a small percentage of what it is supposed to do, and that s a very big problem.

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