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Platinum Punter UK Review

Platinum Punter UK is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in providing both backing and laying selections to its subscribers.

What does the product offer?

Platinum Punter UK is essentially a two fold service. The first of these is the backing system which is based around win only bets. You will receive selections daily with Platinum Punter UK sending out anywhere from 1 tip per day to as many as 8. These come with varied odds and follow a level staking plan that is based on 100 points per bet. So far Platinum Punter UKs backing service has produced a strike rate of 27% based of 444 bets for 2015. The laying service is a little more selective having produced just 402 bets in the same time period. The strike rate is 56.7% which whilst higher, is still what I would consider a little low for a laying service. Platinum Punter UK use a similar staking system of a 100 point maximum liability. As with the betting service, the laying service produces between 1 and 8 bets per day.

How does Platinum Punter work?

The Platinum Punter UK team say that they consider a huge number of statistics going all the way back to 2003 when making their selections. This includes things like the going, the jockey and trainer and form. All f this is based around their own personal system however the details of said system are (fairly enough) no divulged.

What is the initial investment?

When you sign up to Platinum Punter UK you have the choice of signing up to the backing service only, the laying service only or you can alternatively get both sets of tips for a discounted rate. If you choose to get just one of the options it will cost you £40 per month whilst both will cost you £65 per month with transactions handled through Paypal. There is no mention of any money back guarantee and as such I wouldn’t expect anything like this to be in place.

What is the rate of return?

Based off the (very high) stakes, Platinum Punter UK has performed both admirably and terribly. The backing service currently sits at a loss of 1,223.25 points in just 5 months. The laying service on the other hand currently sits 2,300.91 points in the black.

Conclusion on Platinum Punter

The results for Platinum Punter UK are a mixed bag and the most obvious statement here is that you have to downscale your results based off your own investment. The problem with that is it can seriously affect the profits earned. For example, at £1 per point and 10 point bets, Platinum Punter UKs lay betting service would have made just £230 instead of £2,300. This means that you would have just about covered the cost of your subscription. The backing system is clearly underperforming and I don’t see anything there worth considering.

In terms of the laying service, I would expect to be able to stake a decent amount to make it worthwhile and this is where it becomes problematic as there are plenty of services that will slowly build a lay betting bank better than Platinum Punter UK.



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From: Simon Roberts