Platinum Resell Rights Review

 Platinum Resell Rights is a subscription based product offered by Aaron Danker where users can get access to products that they will have the resell rights for.

What does the product offer?

Platinum Resell Rights is a product that allows users access to two new products each month that they can then resell on to their own customer base. The products are usually video training products and cover a variety of topics although mostly these are related to online marketing. Provided with each product is a complete sales package including a sales page, banners, affiliate pages all with the same product branding in place. Aaron Danker also provides an additional three existing bonus products ready for reselling when you sign up.

How does the product work?

The model behind Platinum Resell Rights is that you are purchasing products allegedly created by Aaron Danker with a view to selling them to your own customer base. As the number of products is updated monthly it allows you to offer your products for sale in various ways whether they are out and out sales or membership services.

What is the initial investment?

Aaron Danker has made Platinum Resell Rights available for a 7 day trial at the cost of just $1 with the option to maintain membership for $27 a month. There is also a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should the product not meet your expectations.

What is the rate of return?

Although there isn’t a specific rate of return made available, Aaron Danker claim that each of his products provided through Platinum Resell Rights is designed to be sold for $27.


Although there remain some questions over the quality of the content that you are reselling (there are a few example videos available that are less than inspiring), what is on offer here seems to be a pretty solid product. The fact is Platinum Resell Rights essentially provides users with a business out of the box. Although I doubt Aaron Danker’s valuation of the content (at almost $10,000) there is definitely some merit to Platinum Resell Rights as a basis for a business. It is cheap enough that there is almost definitely profit to be made on reselling, it remains to be seen though what your return rate will be on those products you sell.



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From: Simon Roberts