Player Profits Review

Players Profits is a new sports betting tipster service from the creator of the successful Sports Spread Betting service, Max. This service is concerned entirely with football betting and has some real potential.

Introduction to Player Profits

Some time ago, a gentleman named Max launched a spread betting tipster service. It was rather different to most things that were on the market at the time and showed some incredibly promising results (which were more than fulfilled with significant profits made since that first article). This is an important qualifier to add in as Players Profits is an entirely new service.

If it were a new house, you’d still be able to smell the paint it is that fresh. None the less, Players Profits is coming from a quite well established name in sports betting. Combine this with the fact that almost all of the football tipster services I have seen recently have been marketer regurgitated crap, and Players Profits starts to look very appealing.

Once again, I want to iterate that it’s early doors, but let’s have a look at what is on offer her and whether or not it is likely to be any good.

What Does Players Profits Offer?

As a service, Players Profits appears to be particularly well ran. There is an approach here that is very much in line with my own views on betting, namely that there is no point in betting for the sake of betting.

Whilst Max does send out emails on a daily basis, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are bets every day. Sometimes, you will receive an email simply to tell you that there aren’t bets. Some people may consider this to be a bit of a pointless endeavour, but I think that it is a professional touch which helps Players Profits to stand out from the crowd.

player-profits-reviewIn terms of the betting that Max recommends to Players Profits subscribers, this is massively varied. As the name suggests, a lot of the bets that you will be placing will be based around specific players rather than team based results etc.

Markets that you can expect to bet on range form player passes, shots and goals to tackles, assists and cards. There are more on top of this as well. The key thing to take away from Players Profits here is that you will not simply be betting on the same betting markets as everybody else. There is a good reason for this which I will get to shortly.

The staking plan that is in place is a pretty straight forward affair. When there are bets available, Max includes certain bits of information. These include the bookmaker that you are advised to use, odds you should bet at and the stakes.

All bets are graded from 1-3 points, seemingly depending on the value and Max’s confidence in the selections. It is recommended that you have a 50 point betting bank in place for Players Profits which is a reasonable amount that should be robust enough to deal with losing bets.

One of the other things that stands out about Players Profits is that at the end of each week, Max says that he will be sending out a weekly round up.

This will detail the profit and loss for the week. There is also a monthly round up sent out on the final day of each calendar month. This rather unfortunately means no public proofing at the time of writing, however I do feel that there is clear intent to provide this (I cannot stress enough how early it is for Players Profits in the grand scheme of things).

How Does Players Profits Work?

Max doesn’t go into too much detail in terms of how Players Profits all actually comes together. I do however feel that we are given enough insight to make an informed decision (something I think should be actively applauded). Essentially, the service is driven by value, hence the involvement with the player markets.

It is quite widely accepted amongst football bettors that these markets can be unpredictable.

To counteract this, Max says that he uses a “vast database of Premier League and European player statistics” to find value bets. This is entirely believable (as anybody who has looked at OPTA stats can tell you). When bets are identified, they are included for sending out to Players Profits subscribers.

What is the Initial Investment?

I believe that the pricing for Players Profits is actually very reasonable. Max is asking just £25 per month (plus VAT) in order to receive his selections.

This is significantly less than some football tipsters I have looked at recently, and for a service that operates in niche markets, I believe it is very reasonable. It is also worth noting that Players Profits is sold through the Clickbank platform.

This means that should you find that the service isn’t for you, you have a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Right at the start of this, I mentioned that Max also runs Sports Spread Betting which has some fantastic results. This is important as it shows that he can deliver.

Players Profits doesn’t try to directly emulate this (they are very different types of service) however supposedly a target of 20 points per month has been set as a minimum. It seems that more realistically however, a target of 50 points per month is what is being aimed for.

Honestly, even if Max guides Players Profits to the lower result, this should still provide some very strong returns for subscribers.

Conclusion on Player Profits

Most football tipster services look at the same things in the same way, and you only have to look at how many of them are around for more than 2 years to see how this works out. Players Profits seems to take a very different approach to football betting and honestly, I applaud this entirely.

Picking Manchester City to beat Cardiff is a bit of a no brainer. Likewise, backing mid table teams to beat the big 6 off the back of a bit of form isn’t really sustainable.

Usually, I admit that I am dismissive of player betting when it comes to football. Again, there are obvious calls that you can make. But there is also a whole realm of calls outside of this that you probably wouldn’t see, and I say this knowing that I would definitely avoid them.

And yet, this betting market is arguably one of the highest value available. With the right knowledge, I can entirely see money being made here.

On top of this, it is hard to ignore the fact that there is potentially bags of value for money to be had here. £25 per month is incredibly reasonable for any tipster service. Keep in mind the fact that Max has a demonstrable record of making money through Sports Spread Betting and it starts to look like a real bargain.

Obviously, the main question that hangs over Players Profits is whether or not the performance can be carried forward and it is a very fair one. I wouldn’t like to weigh in here because honestly, I don’t think at this stage that anybody can really know one way or another.

It does seem fair to say however that it will be an exciting venture finding out, and one that won’t cost you too much if you are inclined to bet on paper.

Although saying that, the website does not inspire confidence, and the current results are not there.


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