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Plugin Profit Site Review

Plugin Profit Site is an affiliate marketing scheme by Stone Evans. He creates you a website with links to the 5 sites he claims makes him a living through commissions.

What does the product offer?

Plugin Profit Site is an opportunity to have internet marketer Stone Evans build you a website for free. This website then links you to a series of products that Stone Evans claims he has personally used to make him a millionaire. The sites Plugin Profit Site links you to are GVO, SFI, Pure Leverage, The Empower Network and The 7 Minute Workout. There are also 10 bonuses such as instant access to 3,000 subscribers, training videos and a license to give away Plugin Profit Site yourself.

How does the product work?

All of these sites that you link to provide users with a commission should they get another user to sign up for their products. What Stone Evans does with Plugin Profit Site is sets you up as his referral and in turn allows you to refer others yourself. This may be a potentially viable money making option but I am not entirely convinced at this point.

What is the initial investment?

Technically Plugin Profit Site is being given away for free but there are subscription fees involved in signing up for some of the services that Stone Evans recommends so it is worth bearing this in mind.

What is the rate of return?

Although not explicitly examined, Stone Evans claims that the methods he shares n Plugin Profit Site have made him a millionaire. This seems to be very unlikely for the average user of Plugin Profit Site though.


The biggest issue with Plugin Profit Site lies in the amount of direct competition you will face. There are at least 12 examples on the sale page for Plugin Profit Site that will have similar sites to you, with similar leads and marketing. When you consider that this number represents the very minimum of competition that you will be facing, it becomes apparent that this will make it very difficult to stand out.

Also, despite Plugin Profit Site being free, the services aren’t and some are monthly subscriptions meaning if you’re not out performing other users, you are unlikely to be making any substantial income. This to me represents nothing more than an opportunity for Stone Evans to generate commissions by getting you to sign up to his Plugin Profit Site service.



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From: Simon Roberts