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Pony Profit is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Terry Lycett. He makes some very bold claims about other tipster services, as well as his own in terms of profit potential.

Introduction to Pony Profit

I cannot tell you how many bad marketing pitches I have looked at for questionable tipster services by this point. I have quite literally looked at over 1,500 different products and services. Some of them come from very genuine and above board tipsters. Here, you see a tipster talking about their approach to betting, showing off their results over the last few years, and generally being all round good eggs about what you can expect from their betting service. I like these because they are factual and well organised.

Then there are tipster services that open with headlines like “This Page Is For Anyone That Is SICK Of Being RIPPED OFF and Sucked In By BULLSH*T Schemes That Just Don’t Work…”. This is the approach that Terry Lycett takes with Pony Profit. Now, don’t misconstrue me, I am definitely a person who is sick of people being sucked into these questionable tipster services. God knows, I see more than enough people responding to my reviews who have found themselves in that position.

And given this is the position Terry Lycett is taking for his marketing, you would expect that Pony Profit is definitely above all of this. Wouldn’t you? After all, it would be a terrible for a tipster to talk smack about other tipsters doing all of this, all whilst being cut from the same cloth. I mean, if you’re going to refer to “ones with super cars and footballer style mansions that have only been leased for the day”, you have to better than that. Right? Well, let’s have a look and see if this is actually the case here.  

What Does Pony Profit Offer?

Terry Lycett is really quite clear about hat he is offering through his service. And it all boils down, at least in my eyes, to a very simple concept. Pony Profit is the real deal. I know I’ve already touched on that in my introduction, but you have to understand that when this is such a big part of the identity of a service (and it is a huge part here), it is difficult to not keep running into it.

Now, you might at this point be expecting something quite special from Pony Profit. If you take Terry Lycett at face value, that is probably the case. I don’t tend to do this often, but let’s look at exactly what he says you can expect here:

  • Bets selected in less than 20 minutes a day!
  • Steady streams of winning bets!
  • No guesswork, No decisions, No stress!
  • Not a bunch of low priced, favourite win slections! [sic]
  • No complicated software!
  • Lots of action!
  • Cash in on BIG Winning Bets!

As well as being incredibly enthusiastic about each of his points, Terry Lycett very clearly paints a picture here of a service that produces consistent winners, a decent profit, and doesn’t require too much work. Except when it does. There is a lot of this… contradiction and hypocrisy in the marketing for Pony Profit, but I’ll highlight this as it comes up.  

So, what are you getting into exactly? Because as much as Terry Lycett seemingly tells you a lot, he isn’t really. Well, Pony Profit is a daily horse racing tipster service. As you might expect from… Well, pretty much any modern day tipster service, selections are sent out directly to subscribers via email. There is also some very specific betting advice linked to this, but I will come to that very shortly.

What I do want to highlight is the fact that the information contained within said emails is about the bare minimum. You get enough to know what bet you are placing and… Well, that’s about it really. With this in mind, I would look to advise taking advantage of an odds comparison if you were going to follow Pony Profit.

Now, let’s talk about those bets. Each day, Terry Lycett says that he will send out anything from 3 selections up to 5 selections which should be backed to win. That is all very sensible and relatively manageable. We are also told that you should be backing all of those horses in an acca too. Which is where the advice does seem to be a bit… Well, out of left field.

This means that each day, you are placing as many as 6 bets, and as little as 4. That might seem fair enough, but let’s refer back to Terry Lycett’s statement that Pony Profit doesn’t involve a bunch of low priced, favourite win slections! [sic]”. In my mind, this seems like a recipe for quite substantial drawdown if you are following this. Even at the recommended stakes.

Which, by the way, aren’t terrible. All bets are supposed to be backed to level stakes of just 1 point. Something that suggests a moderate outlay. And with a betting bank advised of 100 points, that should also be enough. But given that you can quite comfortably calculate an average of 5 bets per day, it quickly becomes apparent that this isn’t all that substantial. Less than 3 weeks of betting.

This might be alright if you were dealing with a service that has a strong strike rate. But… Well, if I’m really blunt, Pony Profit doesn’t appear to have this. Terry Lycett makes reference to “Steady streams of winning bets” and claims that “There are NO long losing streaks!”, but this isn’t something that is really demonstrated anywhere.

How Does Pony Profit Work?

One of the things that I love about Pony Profit is that Terry Lycett tells us “I’ve been using this simple method for the last couple of years to bank around £1,000 each and every week (sometimes even more)… and today I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I do it!”. And then proceeds to absolutely not tell us anything about how he does it.

Instead, the focus on this, probably not surprisingly is on how bad everything else. Other systems are “dodgy scams” that you’ve lost a ton of cash to. And Terry Lycett’s method, which is “so simple… and so obvious…” is able to change that. Quite what the system actually is isn’t anything that is discussed… Well, anywhere. All that we are told is Terry Lycett’s day involves waking up whenever he feels like it, making selections online, and then switching off the computer.

The astute amongst you will notice that this doesn’t actually tell you anything about a system or a selection process. About the closest that I can come to ascertaining what the actual premise of Pony Profit is boils down to bundling your bets into an acca. Outside of that, there is absolutely nothing of substance, and certainly no real evidence backing anything up (except a highly questionable screenshot of a Betfair account).

It isn’t even like we’re given any sort of proofing to demonstrate that Pony Profit can work. Which is made all the more frustrating because we are explicitly told that this method has been used “for the last couple of years”. Any bettor worth their salt will keep records of their betting, so why aren’t they shared? It is just one of many things that doesn’t really sit right about this with me.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up for Pony Profit. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £25 (plus VAT). This gives you access to selections for a period of 30 days.

Alternatively, and representing much better value, Terry Lycett also offers a 6 monthly subscription. This is priced at £75 (again, plus VAT), however, here we are told that this is a substantial discount on the “real value” for this 6 month period. Because supposedly, the normal cost should be £150 . A number that I am rather sceptical about, if I’m honest.

One of the few things that I believe that Pony Profit can be categorically praised for is the fact that Terry Lycett does mention Clickbank’s 30 day money back guarantee. This is mentioned in the sales material for which at least some credit is due, but it is framed in an odd way.

We are told “You get to try my Pony Profits system out for a FULL MONTH! And if you’re not 100% happy with the results… I’ll return your complete investment.”. This infers to me that you have to complete the month, at which point the actual money back guarantee that Clickbank have in place is over.

What is the Rate of Return?

In the headline for Pony Profit, Terry Lycett says that you can “TURN LOW £10 BETS INTO £200 DAILY PROFITS… THAT YOU CAN REPEAT MULTIPLE TIMES A WEEK”. Building on this, we are also told that he makes over £1,000 every week. These numbers are incredibly important for reasons that I will make clear very shortly. In line with this, we are also told that he made £4,895.22 “just last month”.

Now, let’s break these numbers down. Because the implication there, in my eyes, is that Pony Profit is making 100 points per week. £10 bets into £200 profits suggests 20 points per day, so that all tracks. It also means that in a single month, Terry Lycett supposedly made 489.52 points of profit. I can say categorically that is more than all but a very small handful of tipsters make in a year. Without real evidence backing this up, I am sceptical of this number.  

Conclusion for Pony Profit

I want to start by analysing some of Terry Lycett’s claims. We are, for example, told that “Pony Profit is the ONLY profitable horse racing system out there”. I can tell you for a fact that this is a blatantly false statement. I have seen plenty of profitable horse racing systems in my time, and in fact, some of the best examples have been recommended here on this website. So, we’re starting with a complete untruth. Not the best thing.

Now, credit where credit is due, Terry Lycett doesn’t have pictures of mansions and sports cars on the sales page for Pony Profit. So… I guess it’s a bit different there? What it does show however are tropical beaches, a private jet, and pictures of people who clearly have a lot of free time on their hands. The important thing is that the message is ultimately the same in my opinion. This is what these tips can get you.

But outside of this, all of the marketing for Pony Profit seems to come down to “other tipsters bad, this tipster good”. Honestly, that just isn’t true. There is a lot of subjectivity and claiming that everyone else is a scam artist just reeks of going heavily on the defensive. Something that, in my eyes, only makes your own service more questionable. Especially when you can’t provide any real evidence backing up your own claims.

Even the little insight that we actually have is incredibly questionable. To return to something that I did rather skip over earlier, we are told that Terry Lycett finds selections in just 20 minutes. That’s just a ridiculously small amount of time. Honestly, I don’t think you could look at all the races in a day in 20 minutes, let alone identify 3-5 selections which all have a decent chance of winning.

Then there is of course the way that the money back guarantee is framed. Could this be an innocent mistake on behalf of Terry Lycett? Possibly. But given the multitude of wider problems here, it isn’t something that you can simply overlook in my opinion. The truth is that when there is so much that is questionable, it is very hard not to be cynical about… Well, everything.

In my experience, those services that take the marketing approach that Terry Lycett does don’t tend to be very good. They put all of that effort into making themselves sound like the best (or “ONLY”) service on the market for making money. In my experience, this is with a view to bringing in those who may not know better. And with terms like “horse racing purist” and the extent that this goes to to disassociate from software, all whilst managing to include a picture of an older man with a grandchild… Well, it is clear what the target audience is to me.  

With all of this in mind, can confidently say that I would not recommend Pony Profit. At all. The claims that do sound like a good thing are unsubstantiated and unproven. And without that, they don’t really stand for much.  


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