Pop Culture Publishing Profits Review Amy Harrop

Pop Culture Publishing Profits is a new product from Amy Harrop in which she says that she will show you how to generate an income through selling ebooks related to popular culture.

What does Pop Culture Publishing Profits offer?

Pop Culture Publishing Profits is sold as a comprehensive guide to creating and publishing your own ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle Store. The whole process is compared in the sales material as being like seeing into the future. One part of the sales pitch even compares using Pop Culture Publishing Profits to going back in time and investing in now profitable stocks and commodities.  

It comes in a downloadable PDF format with the actual training itself spread over 40 plus pages including additional supplementary material. Pop Culture Publishing Profits has been structured in such a way that you can create books aimed at the children’s, fiction and non-fiction markets with only basic writing skills allegedly required.

Amy Harrop says that in Pop Culture Publishing Profits she will show you how to find the most profitable topics, how to predict what will be popular and how to market your books so that they will ultimately prove profitable.

How does Pop Culture Publishing Profits work?

There are two key aspects to Pop Culture Publishing Profits. The first is how to market your ebook yourself, something that Amy Harrop (to her credit) knows pretty well.

The other side of Pop Culture Publishing Profits is the pop culture aspect. This is something that is very necessary as the main concept behind the whole set up. This is because a big part of Pop Culture Publishing Profits is piggybacking on hype for things like movies, books and videogames.

There is also a section of Pop Culture Publishing Profits dedicated to showing you how to capitalise on studio marketing etc. in order to maximise the sales potential of your book.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Pop Culture Publishing Profits is being sold for a special launch price of $14.99 however this does only run till the July 11th. Once this time has elapsed, Pop Culture Publishing Profits will cost $27 instead. Amy Harrop does provide a full 30 day money back guarantee with Pop Culture Publishing Profits however as the sales is through Warrior Plus, you will have to claim this directly from the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t too much in the way of how much you can expect to earn and there certainly aren’t any specific figures. What there is however is a strong suggestion that you can earn a significant amount of money and top best sellers lists.

Conclusion on Pop Culture Publishing Profits?

Pop Culture Publishing Profits isn’t necessarily a bad product. In fact, the core idea behind the training appears to be solid at first glance. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily translate into something that is usable in reality.

The big problem is that when you are dealing with most popular culture related searches, you are inherently competing with official products as well as other people looking to cash in too.

That having been said, Pop Culture Publishing Profits doesn’t cost much so it doesn’t seem unbelievable that you can make your money back through book sales.


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