Pounds to Punters Review

Pounds to Punters is a website operated by a tipster known only as Rob that offers a number of different services related to horse racing betting including a tipster service.

What does the product offer?

Pounds to Punters refers to itself as an “established horse racing site which is updated daily with horse racing tips and pointers”.  For once however, creator Rob isn’t simply over inflating the worth of his service for the purpose of making easy sales. In fact Pounds to Punters covers a huge number of different topics relating to horse racing ranging from obvious things like Race Dates and plenty of information that isn’t so widely available like the current top 10 jockey, trainers and even sires in a number of different fields. There is also coverage provide for Cheltenham each year as well as some free selections that cover various different events etc.  

Central to your experience with Pounds to Punters is the paid tipster service, something which seems to be operated directly by Rob. It offers up to 4 selections for each day that the service provides selections which in turn runs Tuesday through Saturday. All bets provided are a combination of each way and win bets which are recommended at level stakes.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, Rob doesn’t provide any real insight into what his selection process for the tipster service entails. Furthermore, I am unable to really glean any information from the site in this regard. The various other tools and information that Pounds to Punters provides does however have a number of uses (at least in theory) by allowing you to track statistics for various fields within horse racing such as trainers, jockeys etc. This can in turn be used in development of your own systems.

What is the initial investment?

Almost all of the information that Pounds to Punters provides is free of charge however the tipster service is not. For this, Rob will charge you just £10 a month which is a lot less than most tipsters would charge. Payment is handled directly via Paypal and with no mention of a money back guarantee I wouldn’t expect Pounds to Punters to have something like this in place.

What is the rate of return?

Unfortunately the results for Pounds to Punters stop at March of this year (as do various other features that I will look at below) however between May 2012 and March 2015 Rob claims to have made 638.95 points of profit.


It would be unfair of me in many respects to dismiss Pounds to Punters so easily because it hasn’t been updated for a while but the fact is that even before this, there were signs that this is a service that was faltering. The results over the last 12 months weren’t exactly stellar with winning months seemingly being canceled out in the next. With all of this in mind, Pounds to Punters is simply too out of date and it seems like the creator has possibly given up on the main site.

Despite this, he does appear to be still taking payments via Paypal.



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