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Power Bet Pro is a new horse racing tipster service provided by Craig Martin in conjunction with the Betfan group. The service is ultimately based around compounded betting.

What does the product offer?

As far as tipster services go (especially through Betfan), Power Bet Pro is actually a rather interesting proposition. In terms of what you can expect from Power Bet Pro, Craig Martin has put together a daily horse racing tipster service that takes advantage of a variety of different bets to maximise the profit potential.

These range from straight forward win bets, to each way bets and even some of the more exotic accumulators with both patent and yankee bets making an appearance.

The staking plan that Power Bet Pro has in place is definitely one of the more interesting (or arguably risky) elements of the service.

It involves increasing your stakes as your profits increase (up to a maximum of 5 points per bet). What is somewhat disconcerting about Power Bet Pro however is that Craig Martin says that if you lose out, then your stakes shouldn’t go down accordingly.

In terms of the strike rate, the proofing for Power Bet Pro currently shows that this is an average of 28.75%.

How does the product work?

Craig  Martin is surprisingly open about how he finds selections for Power Bet Pro.

The says that as a whole, the service looks at a number of different aspects of a horse’s running including previous form, the going, class course etc.

All of these different factors are then converted into a percentile that ultimately dictates whether or not a selection is made.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Power Bet Pro is offering two different subscriptions.

The first is monthly which actually runs for 28 days. The second is a quarterly subscription which actually runs for 90 days. These are priced at £50 and £100 respectively.

There is also an option where you can trial the service for a month and at a cost of £37.50 before moving onto a quarterly subscription at full price. As it is sold through Betfan, there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place with Power Bet Pro.

What is the rate of return?

Since launching in June, Power Bet Pro has produced a profit of 541.78 points to advised stakes. So far however, October is currently showing a loss of around 5% of this.


It seems unreasonable to me to dismiss Power Bet Pro on the back of a losing month.

The problem for me is that this is the second losing month in 5. So far, when Power Bet Pro has produced a profit, it has been very substantial and everything has balanced out, however I would personally want to exercise caution here.

The thing is, whilst Power Bet Pro can clearly generate some very substantial profits, it isn’t worth anything if you are losing money in the main. I don’t think that Power Bet Pro is a bad product.

In fact, I can see some very strong potential here, however I would wait to see what the longer term picture looks like before investing the rather steep fees that Betfan are asking for Power Bet Pro.


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