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Power Lead System Review

Power Lead System is a marketing training course by Jeff Mills that covers a variety of subjects. It also offers a paid referral scheme.

What does the product offer?

There are two core aspects to Power Lead System. The first is a series of internet marketing resources and training videos, the second uses a multi-level marketing based affiliate referral scheme. The training course seems to be pretty comprehensive and covers a variety of subjects over 20+ videos with something of a focus on YouTube under the guise of YouTube U. Creator Jeff Mills claims that you can use Power Lead System to exponentially increase your leads and sales by implementing the training and resources.

How does the product work?

Much of the training side of things is aimed at marketing products and list building websites. This is evidenced by much of the additional material which includes tools such as auto responders, squeeze pages and contact managers. The affiliate referral scheme is somewhat complex and involves multi-level marketing (as mentioned above). Personally I would avoid this, especially as you have to pay additional costs to access this side of Power Lead System.

What is the initial investment?

Jeff Mills provides a 7 day free trial for Power Lead System and after this the service costs $30 per month. The affiliate referral scheme costs and additional $28 each month to access. It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee in place for Power Lead System.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the nature of Power Lead System it is rather difficult to put a monetary value on the results. Using the training and resources there is a very real possibility of seeing an increase in sales if you are willing to work at it. In terms of the affiliate scheme it is a bit clearer. Users can expect $20 for every other user that they sign up with the even numbered referrals going to the person above you in the chain.


The tools and training that Power Lead System provides is not terrible. They are reasonably informative and cover each subject much as you would expect. This makes it rather difficult to justify a repeat fee to access them. I feel that this is Power Lead System’s biggest weakness in terms of the training. The $360 that you would spend over a year could provide access to several different and highly specialised training courses that I feel could be more beneficial than a broader overview of everything. In terms of the affiliate referral scheme I am very sceptical about it and I am inclined to say I would avoid it at all costs.



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From: Simon Roberts