Predictology Review

Predictology is a rather unique offering which comes from the team behind Football Advisor Lays. It allows you to create your own football betting systems based off your own parameters.

Introduction to Predictology

Most betting services on the market these days all seem to fall into a few different categories, more or less. There are Clickbank marketers claiming unrealistic profits, larger tipster stables churning out tipsters, independent tipsters (who can be very hit or miss), as well as some genuine and up to date betting systems.

I know that this is a large chunk of what is out there because of the amount of time that I spend looking at it all. So, when something different comes along, you can guarantee that I am interested.

Predictology is a perfect example of how to do that something different. This is a rather comprehensive betting product that doesn’t really fit into any of the above moulds. If anything, it is something of a combination of them all.

predictology-reviewPredictology allows you to create your own betting systems, you can also use preloaded ones to simply provide you with betting advice, you can even leverage multiple approaches to build a small football betting portfolio. All of this makes Predictology one of the more unique and interesting options on the market, but does that make it any good?  

What Does Predictology Offer?

On the website for Predictology, the team say that your membership to the service “opens up a whole world of football betting options and opportunities”. Normally, I would be inclined to write this off as hyperbole and marketing spiel.

The truth of the matter though is that Predictology may well be one of the few products that is able to deliver on this. Now, in terms of what is on offer, there is a lot of ground to cover so I don’t plan on dwelling too much on the details.

First things first, there is what Predictology actually is. Essentially, it is an online resource which allows you access to a significant amount of betting data. Everything is accessed through a member’s area online which in turn breaks down the differing approaches to using Predictology.

The interface is well put together and so far, I have encountered no real problems using this online portal. This is honestly half the battle as some of the few things I have looked at which are a bit like Predictology have been rather difficult to navigate.

From this member’s area there are a number of different things you can access. Again, I don’t want to dwell on details but these can be broken down into 3 main categories. There is the system builder itself (a topic I want to come back to).

There is also access to a number of systems which have been created by the Predictology team (again, I want to come back to these). Finally, there are a number of options which will take you to predetermined searches. These all seem to be what I would consider to be “common” searches.

I must admit that in many ways, Predictology is almost overwhelming. There is simply so much going on that it can be very difficult knowing where to even begin.

Fortunately, the team behind the service also provide extensive written and video tutorials. These look at how to use the Predictology portal, as well as how to approach system building. This means that when you look at the whole of Predictology, you are left with a very well rounded profit.

How Does Predictology Work?

The first thing that I want to talk about is the system builder. This for me is what you are really signing up for with Predictology. This provides you with reams of information looking at things ranging from over/under goal markets to winning streaks to goal to shots ratios.

Honestly, there isn’t much that Predictology doesn’t cover and that is massively important when creating your system. The software allows you to apply filters based off this data and ultimately, apply them to upcoming games. When Predictology identifies a game that matches your system, you will receive a notification in your members area.

I also talked about how Predictology comes with some made for you systems. These allow you to hypothetically jump straight in and start making a profit. There are significant differences between these systems and that is important to keep in mind when selecting which to follow.

None the less, the variance in these will potentially allow you to  set up something of a football betting portfolio in one place.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Predictology there is just one option available at the time of writing. This is a £37 cost for 6 months of access which represents fantastic value. It is worth noting however that this is appears to be an introductory offer as it is sold as “6 months for the price of 1”.

This means that in the future, Predictology could potentially be as much as £37 per month. As such, if you think that this will work for you it may be better to act sooner rather than later.

It is worth keeping in mind as well that Predictology does come with a 30 day money back guarantee as well. This is vendor backed as payment is processed via Paypal and a proprietary payment screen.

What is the Rate of Return?

Honestly, there isn’t too much to say in terms of the income potential of Predictology. This will very much depend on how much time you are willing to put into it etc. The fact of the matter is that I see this as a tool rather than a direct money making product.

As such, there is little value in trying to say that you can make £1,000 per month, because you will get out what you put into it. None the less, I do think that with correct usage, you could well use Predictology to make a reasonable profit.

Conclusion on Predictology

In the current climate, things that are different to the norm are pretty rare and different is definitely something that I would apply to Predictology. One of the questions that must be answered though is whether or not different is better. That is a very difficult thing to know as there is of course a degree of subjectivity here, but I can genuinely say that I think there is a hell of a lot that is good.

Now, I should qualify this because I don’t believe that Predictology is something that will work for everyone. The fact is that if you really want to get you moneys worth out of it, you will need to commit time and effort.

This is something that can be said about a lot of services but where I feel it particularly holds true for Predictology is that the strength is in creating your own systems. This isn’t necessarily because there is anything inherently wrong with the preloaded systems, but I feel like having the ability to reassess things as you go and make changes is invaluable.

I have mentioned getting your moneys worth out of Predictology and that is also one of, if not the most important, deciding factor. Predictology is not necessarily expensive at the time I’m writing this. £37 for 6 months is very good value. If that becomes the monthly fee though… Well, I think you have to be very informed in order for it to prove worthwhile.

So, Predictology is different, but is it any good? I think that it is, to be honest. Again, I cannot stress enough that this won’t work for everybody, but otherwise, I think it is a pretty solid option.


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