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Prem 10 Review

Prem 10 is an email based footballing tipster service from Dave Gibson that provides selections exclusively for the English Premier League.

What does the product offer?

Prem 10 offers users a weekly compendium of selections for bets covering the Premier League. These are typically sent out on a Friday with 4-5 bets made available and also give advice on what bets to place as well as a detailed analysis as to why. Prem 10 differs from most services in that creator, Dave Gibson, bets in some of the more obscure markets to maximise value. This includes bets like number of corners, number of cards and number of goals.

How does the product work?

The selection process for Prem 10 is heavily steeped in statistical and form analysis. Most of the selections from Prem 10 are based on historic evidence which has shown a statistical likelihood of over 70%. The statistics that Oxfordshire Press (for whom Dave Gibson also serves of Managing Director) use allegedly come directly from OPTA Sports Data, arguably the largest and most recognised sports data company in the world.

What is the initial investment?

Despite a seemingly strong pedigree, Prem 10 is actually very fairly priced. There is a 14 day free trial with access after this costing just £10 per month or £70 for a full year. Whilst there is no mention of a money back guarantee for Prem 10, with a free trial and the prices involved this isn’t a deal breaker.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing there are unfortunately no substantial results available for Prem 10 to make a judgement on. There is one week which would have incurred a rather substantial loss but I feel that it is very unfair to use this as a jumping off point. What I can advise is that Dave Gibson says that all bets for Prem 10 should be evens meaning that there is potential to double your money each week.


Prem 10 doesn’t do anything particularly new, nor is it particularly exciting. What it does appear to offer however a solid foundation for football betting at a reasonable price. £10 a month is a pittance compared to some tipster services which will charge 5 times for their selections, without ever telling you their basis. Prem 10 is actually refreshingly transparent and that is a big part of the appeal. I don’t believe that Prem 10 will make you a fortune, and some of the bets perhaps fall victim to the gamblers fallacy, but so far Prem 10  looks like a potentially solid option for the costs involved.



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From: Simon Roberts