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Prem Bets 2021/2022 is a sports betting product which is being offered by Josh Allen of Betchat. It is a comprehensive guide to the upcoming footballing season providing a multitude of betting advice.

Introduction to Prem Bets 2021/2022

Whenever there is a new football season, there are inevitably a multitude of services that crop up. Mostly, you see a bunch of cub par tipster services from the usual channels. They make ridiculous claims like turning you into a millionaire overnight, or how they’re operated by ex footballers who didn’t quite make the grade but somehow are still in the know. It is of course all ludicrous, but it can also be quite entertaining to read. So there’s that I guess. Then there are things that are genuinely a bit unique and do carry some potential to make you money.

Today, I want to talk about such a product in the form of Prem Bets 2021/2022. This is a very interesting new launch by Betchat and Josh Allen. The core premise here is that they are providing you with betting advice that is designed to cover the whole season. That is a rather unique claim in and of itself, but this time of ante betting can prove hugely profitable (Leicester City at 5000/1 anybody?). Prem Bets 2021/2022 is a service that is seemingly able to help you to capitalise on this value and earn a decent crust.

But it is more than this. There is a huge amount of interesting insight and information in Prem Bets 2021/2022 that means that it isn’t just something that will work for you in the short term. The insight can help you to shape your betting across the whole season. It really does make for an interesting read, and whilst I don’t see eye to eye with Josh Allen on everything when it comes to betting… well, I will concede that he is generally somebody who is pretty genuine, and that counts for a lot. So, let’s get straight into it.  

What Does Prem Bets 2021/2022 Offer?

There is a hell of a lot on offer with Prem Bets 2021/2022. That is something that I really want to be clear about. Something that I want to be equally clear about is that this isn’t something that is going to be for everybody. Far from it. Whilst Josh Allen undoubtedly offers this as a clear guide to bets that you should be placing at the start of the season, if you want to get the most out of it an interest in football betting will help.

Now, I will echo Josh Allen and say that if you are able to get onto it early enough, that shouldn’t be the be all and end all. You can simply open Prem Bets 2021/2022, bet in line with the advice given and leave it at that. I would dare say you might even make a little bit of money back off it. But I will be looking at this in a slightly different light to this.

So, first things first, what exactly are you getting into here? This is a bit of a difficult thing to answer, because Prem Bets 2021/2022 blurs lines. This isn’t an out and out tipster service really. Sure, Josh Allen is providing you with bets that you should be placing, but it isn’t just a list of bets to place and odds to look for. It is so much more than that.

By the same token, you can’t really call it a system either. Whilst you will ultimately be acting alone, Prem Bets 2021/2022 doesn’t teach you anything that I would consider to be replicable. What I mean by this is that you aren’t instructed to bet on games whereby there are certain conditions that might repeat.

The word that Josh Allen uses is “report”, and that is probably the closest I think you can come to any sort of explanation. But to me, even this does it a bit of a disservice. You see, yes, you are given bets the place. That is a key selling point of the service, especially to those who don’t follow Premiership Football all that much. Importantly though, you get write ups on why a selection has been made.

These are all really quite in depth with Josh Allen demonstrating a decent knowledge of the betting subject. He might talk about why certain bets that seem obvious aren’t, and why some of the riskier looking options actually represent a better betting opportunity. And this is where you can really use Prem Bets 2021/2022 to your advantage (but I will come to this a little later).

An example that is given of this is how last season Aguero was odds on to be City’s top scorer for the season. Josh Allen talks about how he is injury prone, how he is rotated even when he’s fit. As such, Sterling was tipped to be their top scorer for the season, and he was. It’s not necessarily an obvious bet, but also has the ring of truth to it. Importantly though, it is a bet that would have proven profitable.

Prem Bets 2021/2022 is full of snippets of information like this. And whilst Josh Allen does give betting advice, if you are canny, you can easily use this to put together other bets that will only help boost your profits even more. Of course, this is against the given advice, but it is also a good way to ensure that you are getting the most that you can out of the product.

With the ideas of what you are getting yourself into on the table, let’s talk about the product itself. Honestly, it is a damn fine piece of work. I know that Josh Allen has been involved in writing as much as betting in his career and it shows. Normally, stuff like this can be a bit of a chore to read but Prem Bets 2021/2022 is well presented and written in a way that is informative and engaging. So full credit where it is due there.  

How Does Prem Bets 2021/2022 Work?

One of the best parts of Prem Bets 2021/2022 is that every single bet that you place should, in theory, come from a place of pure knowledge. The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, Josh Allen is telling you why you should be placing every single bet. You don’t really get much more informed than that. Especially not with the level of detail that is touched on here.

This isn’t the be all and end all though. One of the other things that I really like about how Prem Bets 2021/2022 works is that there is also an overarching philosophy. Sometimes when a tipster (which is how I am thinking of Josh Allen for much of this) provides an explanation of why individual selections have been made, you can get lost in the detail. Broader strokes don’t matter because you are literally being told why Sterling is being selected as top scorer for City.

Here though, everything is ultimately linked by the idea of getting value from your bets. This is something that I do think that you can see when you look at the selections. Importantly though, there has to be some respect for Prem Bets 2021/2022 as this is something that is notoriously difficult to actually obtain through football betting.

Now, I will admit that I haven’t told you a lot here. The fact is that it is a little difficult with something like Prem Bets 2021/2022 without giving away too much. But I do think that Josh Allen provides enough information for you to make an informed decision. The only thing that is possibly missing is some proofing. I would have liked to have seen a more comprehensive record for Prem Bets 2021/2022 from last season than a few choice winning bets.  

What is the Initial Investment?

At a one time cost of £29.97, I think that Prem Bets 2021/2022 is genuinely quite reasonably priced. However you want to look at the service, that isn’t really that expensive. It is less than you’d pay for a month of tips with most tipsters (and I think that a month of tips is a very fair comparison to make here). It is also less than you might pay for analysis from other sources. If you plan on using Josh Allen’s insight for additional betting, that value only increases.

Something that is quite interesting is that when you are signing up, you can also get next years Prem Bets guide for just £9.97. Obviously this represents a quite significant reduction in cost by paying for it early. Whether or not that is of interest will of course vary significantly from user to user.

As a final note, Josh Allen does not offer any money back guarantee on Prem Bets 2021/2022. There is explicit mention of the fact that “Because ‘Prem Bets 2021/22’ is a digital product and cannot be returned, we do not offer a money back guarantee period (this does not affect your statutory rights)”. As such, you should be serious if you are considering signing up to this.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are aren’t really any specific claims in terms of how much money you can expect to make with Prem Bets 2021/2022. Josh Allen does claim to have 10 years of profit behind him with previous iterations of this. He also provides a number of winning bets from last season that demonstrate that some profit has been made. Without any real proofing though, there is little context for wider context.  

Conclusion for Prem Bets 2021/2022

I don’t necessarily think that Josh Allen is a final authority on football betting. I want to be quite clear about that. However, I do also know from the time that I’ve been doing this that he also has a pretty reasonable idea of what he is doing. Furthermore, Betchat’s broader affiliation undoubtedly brings them into contact with some decent footballing minds, all of whom have likely contributed on some level.

Now, let’s talk about Prem Bets 2021/2022. It is a bit of a unique one in terms of judgement because it is a one shot thing for £30. It is inevitable that this won’t sit right with everybody. And I can fully understand that. Furthermore, it is something that as well as being a one shot, it is ultimately of limited scope if you take it on face value.

And that is where I genuinely believe that having some understanding drastically improves the value for money of this as an offering. Josh Allen does know his stuff. And even if you have a reasonable understanding of football betting coming into Prem Bets 2021/2022, it only helps add another perspective and a different way of looking at things.

Irrespective of your starting position when you come into Prem Bets 2021/2022, I do think that there is some value to be had here. The bets are all decent enough, Josh Allen makes a well informed argument as to why it is worth following, and at the end of the season I do believe that you will have made some money. How much though is a bit of a rogue thing.

Here’s the thing, whilst Josh Allen might have backed Slaven Bilic last season to be the first manager to be sacked at odds of 15/1, he doesn’t mention how many bets didn’t come in. How much did they cost? The same with Liverpool winning the Champions League at 14/1. How many hedging bets lost out and how much did that impact the profits on it? All valid questions that don’t have any answer.

Unfortunately, things like this are about par for the course with Josh Allen. With other services that he has put out there has always been some selectiveness with results when it comes to the marketing. And that is probably the biggest consideration that I would recommend for Prem Bets 2021/2022 if I’m honest. I cannot stress enough that I believe the winning bets that are claimed. But I also believe that there are other bets that eat into those individual results.

 So, would I ultimately recommend Prem Bets 2021/2022? The short answer to this is that it is definitely worth some consideration. I cannot stress enough that I wouldn’t like to guess how much money you will make, but I do think that you’re getting a decent amount of information for the money that you pay. And that can only be made to be worth even more to the right kind of person.

I do however think that this is something that you really have to come into with some reasonable expectations. Those expecting the world from Josh Allen I think will ultimately be a bit disappointed. But if you’re looking for decent insight into the upcoming season, with the chance to make a bit of cash from some quite exciting bets… well, Prem Bets 2021/2022 really isn’t bad.  


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