Premier Bets Review

Premier Bets is a brand new to market horse racing tipster service which is claimed to be operated by an ex professional footballer who is referred to simply as Stephen. It makes some very strong claims in terms of its income potential.

Introduction to Premier Bets

There is a wide variety of people that I would trust if they said that they were able to help me make money through horse racing betting. They may be industry insiders, diligent former financial traders or even somebody who has genuinely stumbled on a way to make money through good fortune. If there would be one person who might not be particularly high on my list, it would be a professional footballer.

premier-bets-review You only have to look at the papers to see how many of them have bankrupted themselves through gambling addiction. And yet, Premier Bets is claiming that I should do just that. In fact, the sales material says, I would be foolish not to. There are a lot of interesting claims made and ground to cover, so with this in mind, I want to have a good look at what Premier Bets has to offer.

What Does Premier Bets Offer?

As far as tipster services go, Premier Bets is a very typical tipster service. Selections are issued to subscribers on a daily basis with you simply having to place the bets at a bookmaker of your choice. This bothers me for a number of reasons, one of which pertains to the method by which Stephen receives his selections (a topic that I wish to discuss a little later). Selections are usually emailed out to Premier Bets subscribers on the morning of the racing. These emails are very basic.

Moving on to the bets themselves, from what I have seen so far, Stephen exclusively advises win bets to his subscribers. If I am honest, there is almost a frustrating averageness to a lot of aspects of Premier Bets. This includes receiving just 2-3 bets per day, all at low to mid odds.

In fact, it almost feels like somebody who doesn’t actually know how to identify winning horse racing bets hedging theirs. Again, this is something that I do want to come back to.

In terms of a staking plan for Premier Bets, put bluntly, Stephen doesn’t seem to have one. If I were going to follow his betting advice, I would be inclined to stick to level stakes of 1 point per bet. I would also have a betting bank in place of at least 100 points as I think that there is a lot of capacity for Premier Bets to ultimately go wrong.

What I will say, is that the profits that Stephen claims he has made are all given in pounds and pence. This is a big problem when combined with the lack of information on staking.

In terms of a strike rate, well, there isn’t one. Honestly, I am not really surprised at this point. There is a lot about Premier Bets that seems to be pretty worrisome to me and as such, it kind of sets you up for disappointment.

As is so common with the more questionable tipster services that I look at, Stephen does make a vague claim. In this case, it is that Premier Bets has selections that are “jaw-droppingly accurate”. Unfortunately, these are apparently not accurate enough to warrant a figure or proofing to back up the claim.

How Does Premier Bets Work?

I have touched upon the selection process that exists for Premier Bets a few times now, often with an entirely justified amount of cynicism. So in order to understand the selection process, you seemingly have to understand Stephen’s life story.

I won’t bore you with the same level of detail that he provides, but he was a professional footballer in the 80’s and 90’s. After retiring, he turned to drink and over time lost his wife, kids, sense of self worth etc. If I sound cold, it is because I have seen variants of this story more times than I can count.

Whilst in a bar one day, Stephen claims that he was approached by a former fan, Eddie. Eddie was a former fan who just happened to be high up in the horse racing industry and made more from betting than from his salary.

Because he was such a fan, Eddie supposedly offered to send his selections to Stephen directly each morning. Stephen has now taken it upon himself to pass these tips on to others in the guise of Premier Bets.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to Premier Bets. This is a one time payment of £29.99 (plus VAT). This apparently gets you access to Stephen’s (or should that be Eddie’s) selections for an indefinite amount of time. The sales material for Premier Bets certainly doesn’t put any restrictions on the duration and nor does the payment page through Clickbank.

Talking of which, Premier Bets is indeed sold through the Clickbank platform. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that the service isn’t for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Whilst Stephen throws around a number of different figures in terms o the income potential of Premier Bets, I feel that perhaps the most telling number is that which appears in the headline. It is here that Stephen has made over £70,000 a year.

…If you believe that!

This is supposedly backed up by a William Hill betting account  with £72,390 in it, which is utter BS.

Elsewhere, there are references to making £6,000 “every single month”. Finally, in one of the claimed testimonials for Premier Bets, there is a reference made to making more than £18,500 in 3 months.

It is worth keeping in mind that none of these numbers come with any details on how much is supposed staked to get these returns.

Conclusion on Premier Bets

If I am completely honest about Premier Bets, there doesn’t appear to be massive amounts to like. There are a number of reasons for this that I want to discuss, some of which are more obvious than others. I want to start with one of these particularly apparent issues (at least as I see it). By his own admission Stephen ultimately gets his tips from Eddie.

This creates two problems. First of all (and putting aside a massive amount of cynicism here), if Eddie changes his job, Stephen’s tips will presumably dry up. Secondly, there isn’t anything that suggests that Stephen even has the ight to sell tips under he Premier Bets brand.

Of course all of that is reliant on believing that Eddie and Stephen are real people, which I don’t. In fact, I have very strong reason to suspect that the whole thing is nothing more than a money spinning product from a well known internet marketer of tipster services and betting services.

I say this because in the last 12 months, they have had some 4 different services, all under different names. This rather nicely explains the lack of proofing, or in fact, any real evidence at all that Premier Bets is a genuine product.

Even without this knowledge, I don’t think that I would want to recommend Premier Bets, however the fact that it does exist makes it overwhelmingly clear. Premier Bets is a product that I really wouldn’t want to invest my money in. Sure, I can see how it is appealing, but you have to remember that this is a carefully engineered construct to sell a product and line the marketers pockets.

Put bluntly, Premier Bets really isn’t worth your time and effort with only one long term outcome likely, and that is you losing money.


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From: Simon Roberts