Premier Football Investments Review

Premier Football Investments is a service which claims to be able to generate a profit for those who seek to “invest” in football. The reality is that Premier Football Investments is a sports betting tipster service which draws on a variety of bets and is operated by John Baker and Carlo Manzoni.

What does Premier Football Investments offer?

Perhaps the best people to explain what exactly Premier Football Investments does is the team behind it. “STEADILY GROW YOUR BANK With our Investment-Minded Approach to Betting” reads the headline from John Baker and Carlo Manzoni. Now, if there is one thing more than any other that I look for with a tipster service, it is consistency.

In fact, I would be very inclined to say that consistency is more important than anything else, especially those of us who like to draw upon their betting profits on a frequent basis. Of course everything has a place in a wider picture and consistency is not the be all and end all, so let’s see exactly how Premier Football Investments fares in the bigger picture.

So there is a fancy name in place, I have to credit John Baker and Carlo Manzoni with that, but what are you actually getting rom Premier Football Investments? After all, it is ultimately a tipster service. In this regard, Premier Football Investments is a near daily sports betting tipster service (something which is rather typical given the nature of the sport).

As is clear from the name, it is based around football. Outside of this, there isn’t a whole lot about Premier Football Investments that is particularly stand out logistically. Selections are sent out to subscribers with the only job for you to do being the placing of the bets.

This does not however mean that there is nothing particularly interesting about Premier Football Investments. Actually, there is a huge variety of betting involved to the point where it is a little overwhelming. John Baker and Carlo Manzoni cover a huge variety of leagues and  tournaments for betting which is no bad thing.

There is a lot of Serie A football which makes sense as selections ultimately come from Carlo Manzoni, a native of Rome. The type of bets are what really stand out for me. There are of course the obvious choices like simply backing a team to win. There is also things like over/under goals markets as well as Asian Handicap bets. There are also some mixed bets which are a little more specialised than the norm too.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no specific staking plan that I have seen mentioned for Premier Football Investments. In the proofing however, John Baker and Carlo Manzoni has been proofed to level stakes of £25 per bet. With this in mind, that is how I am viewing the staking plan, 1 point level stakes. With no more than 5 bets advised on a given day, I feel like this provides a pretty reasonable figure as well for managing your betting bank.

Unfortunately there is no strike rate made available for Premier Football Investments however as I will explore, this is probably not necessary when you look at the results…

How does Premier Football Investments work?

I have already touched upon the fact that John Baker and Carlo Manzoni operate the service. John Baker has operated Banker Bets for some time whilst Carlo Manzoni has supposedly been betting independently in Italy for some time. By combining their knowledge, Premier Football Investments is born.

Actually, Premier Football Investments is supposedly a little deeper than this with a “highly sophisticated statistical analysis software” that creates shortlists of potential opportunities.

These then appear to be analysed by John Baker and Carlo Manzoni to cast a human eye over the selections. This means considering things like injuries, immediate form, history between the clubs and position in the tables. All things that a computer can’t quite consider. If these are approved, then they are then sent out to subscribers.

What is the initial investment?

There are three different options available if you want to sign up to Premier Football Investments. The first of these is a monthly subscription which will cost £24.95. The next subscription is a quarterly affair which is priced at £49.90.

Finally, and representing the best value by far, is an annual subscription. This is priced at a £173. All payments are handled via PayPal, however John Baker and Carlo Manzoni do say that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This is supposedly entirely unconditional.

What is the rate of return?

John Baker and Carlo Manzoni have been running Premier Football Investments since 2016 and they keep talking about how the service has produced capital growth of 77.55%. I am very interested by this figure as it is in no small part bolstered by 2016’s results.

This showed capital growth of 107.26% which sounds impressive. In real word terms, you are talking about a points profit of 21.45% and an ROI of 4.36%. 2017 lost money. At the time of writing this, the whole of 2018 has a profit of just 3.66 points. This is simply not good enough.

Conclusion on Premier Football Investments?

No matter how you dress it up, the fact of the matter is that Premier Football Investments does not make enough money. I realise that John Baker and Carlo Manzoni talk a lot about their investment approach and long term results, but there are only one set of results that ultimately matter and they involve losing money. Over 2 years and 4 months, Premier Football Investments has made 17.34 points of profit.

Over the period that Premier Football Investments has been live, you would have spent just shy of £700 if you were paying monthly. This means that simply to cover your subscription costs, you would have needed to bet £41 a  time. Even if you were betting £100 a go, you are looking at a profit of £700 over 2.3 years.

Honestly, I am a little bit disappointed that Premier Football Investments has performed so spectacularly badly.

The logic and the rationale that John Baker and Carlo Manzoni have talked about seems to be there. In fact, it has been some time that I have looked at the plan that a tipster has in place for finding selections that seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, whether it is the software or John Baker and Carlo Manzoni themselves, something is going terribly wrong,

It will come as no surprise to anybody I can’t really recommend Premier Football Investments.

The profitability just isn’t there. There is a lot that I enjoy about my work and looking at products and trying to find an angle is one aspect of that. Sometimes though, you have to look at the bottom line and ask if the time and effort involved is worth the money that you would make. In the case of Premier Football Investments, the answer is resoundingly no.


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From: Simon Roberts