Premier Footie Tips Review

Premier Footie Tips is a brand new sports betting tipster service which claims to be able to prove massively lucrative for users. The service is provided by tipster Tony Shuttleworth who supposedly used to work for some of the top football clubs in the world.

What does the product offer?

Tony Shuttleworth is very bold indeed when it comes to his service and the claims that he makes. Supposedly, Premier Footie Tips is made up of award winning football tips which have “already banked over £50,000 this season”. This sounds dubious however and you would be right to treat that particular claim with a lot of caution, especially when the sales material goes on to instantly contradict itself.

Before I address any other aspect of Premier Footie Tips, I want to look at their claim that the service is “Fully Endorsed” not just by bookmakers like Paddypower, Betfair and Ladbrokes, but also major publications such as The Sun and The Daily Mail. Normally, I try to avoid going off on tangents mid article, but I can say now that these claims of being endorsed are pure crap. If by some miraculous circumstance Premier Footie Tips were as profitable as it claims, no bookmaker would want your custom. Furthermore, you will notice that there is simply no evidence to back any of these so called endorsements up.

So, what are we supposedly getting with Premier Footie Tips? According to the sales material, all that you have to do is follow along with Tony Shuttleworth’s bets. It is very interesting for me to note that these are supposedly drawn from 30 different Leagues across the world, presumably including those that Tony Shuttleworth worked in. The selections are sent out “every day” via email, typically before 9am. All you then have to do is place the bets with a bookie of your choice and start profiting.

Of course, in theory this is all that there is to a lot of tipster services. I definitely have my reservations about Premier Footie Tips however, arguably more so than anything that I have looked at for a long time. I will get to this a little later in my review however I feel like now would be as good a time as any to talk about the numbers or lack thereof.

First of all, there is the staking plan for Premier Footie Tips. There is nothing provided in this regard which concerns me as Tony Shuttleworth has chosen to express all of his income in pounds and pence. What this means is that the hypothetical profits talked about could simply be the result of staking huge amounts on really straightforward games. I don’t think that this is the case, but I also don’t believe the claimed results either.

All that this leads me to the strike rate. This is claimed to be an incredibly impressive 80% (which is later changed to 85%). Furthermore, Tony Shuttleworth says that this strike rate for Premier Footie Tips is “100% verifiable”. Unfortunately, I have seen nothing to back this claim up and as such, I would treat this claim with a large degree of scepticism.

How does the product work?

Tony Shuttleworth claims to have worked at a number of different  football clubs in some of the highest and most well known leagues in the world including the top flight English, Spanish and Italian leagues. During this time it is suggested that it provided him with top secret insight into the daily running of football clubs from around the word. Unfortunately, Tony Shuttleworth cannot tell us what this role is either which only adds to the scepticism that surrounds Premier Footie Tips as far as I am concerned.

Other than this there is simply no effort made to explain what the selection process entails. This is rather disappointing for me, however once again, I am also forced to conclude that this is likely intentional. It seems to me that the vast majority of the sales material for Premier Footie Tips is based around trying to make Tony Shuttleworth sound legitimate without actually telling us anything of substance.

We are simply informed that following a stint in the Chinese Super League, Tony Shuttleworth quit his unknown job in football in order to become a tipster. There is mention of “inside knowledge” but this isn’t explored in any detail. Once again, this is a point that I find to be particularly troubling with Premier Footie Tips.

What is the initial investment?

There are a number of different options available if you want to subscribe to Premier Footie Tips, something which is rather uncommon for this kind of tipster service. The starting option is to sign up to Premier Footie Tips for 7 days (something which is touted as a “trial option”). This costs £9.99 per month which makes the usual monthly cost of £14.99 seem very cheap in comparison. This is not an accident. Finally, you can subscribe to Premier Footie Tips for a full year for just £99.99.

Whilst it is mentioned (once) on the sales page for Premier Footie Tips, the service is sold through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find the service isn’t for you. I should however point out that this is never mentioned by Tony Shuttleworth.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is something really makes me believe that Premier Footie Tips isn’t necessarily a genuine product. In the headlines, we are told that Tony Shuttleworth’s tips have already banked over £50,000 this season. The sales material then goes on to talk about making £5,000 “this week” almost immediately afterwards. This disparity appears a few times, before Tony Shuttleworth goes on to talk about how the selections he is sharing through Premier Footie Tips have allowed him to buy a £1.2 million penthouse in London.


It is transparent to me that Premier Footie Tips simply isn’t a genuine product. There are a very large number of problems, more than I could reasonably care to address if I am honest. Perhaps the most obvious one is that none of the income claims match up even slightly. At the time of writing we are 5 Premier League games into the new season. This would mean that across each week where there has been a game, Premier Footie Tips has made £10,000.

This is of course a ludicrous and highly questionable figure, especially since there is very little in the way of evidence. In fact, the only thing that can be slightly construed as evidence is a single and highly questionable Betfair screenshot. Put simply, so much of the information that Tony Shuttleworth puts forward about Premier Footie Tips is massively inconsistent and that is not conducive to a genuine service.

I don’t believe that I really have to say anything else about Premier Footie Tips at this point. It seems quite apparent to me that this is not a genuine tipster service and more likely than not has been created by an internet marketer with the sole intention of capitalising on the start of the football season. I cannot talk enough about the importance of keeping your wits about you when you are looking at tipster services online and Premier Footie Tips is a great example of what to look out for if you want to avoid wasting your hard earned money.



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