Premier Grand Service Review

Premier Grand is a tipping service provided by Tony Evans and Perpetual Publications Ltd. It is subscription based with “2-3 good bets per week with a 45% – 50% success rate”.

What does the product offer?

The product offers its users tips based on form analysis. Tips are not sent out daily as the creator of the system prefers only to offer when he believes himself to be certain of an outcome. That having been said, as mentioned before there is only a claimed strike rate of 45-50% which although the tips provided are not in the main for low odd horses so there remains a little wiggle room in terms of profitability.

How does the product work?

The system is based on the knowledge of Tony Evans and the Perpetual team. With Tony claiming experience in the provision of a tipping service since 1993 there is some evidence of prestige here. Tips are sent out via email, telephone and a text message service when available.

What is the initial investment?

This is not a cheap service with a cost system that breaks down as follows:

1 Month – £85.00
3 Months – £249.00
9 Months – £499.00
12 Months – £850.00

On top of these costs would be whatever you bankroll for betting.

What is the rate of return?

There is no promised rate of return on the system and one would imagine that in order to start making back the subscription costs quite significant staking would be involved. With 2-3 horses per week and a 50% strike rate it does not create an image of massive revenue. Given the fact you would have to clear £70.83 per month based on the cheapest monthly cost (a 21 month subscription) the system seems to be on rather shaky ground. Especially when the figures are presented clearly.


Like many gambling systems I have seen presented the biggest bet of all seems to be on whether or not you will actually make any sustainable revenue stream from it. There is a noticeable lack of a money back guarantee with the Premier Grand Service which instantly puts it on bad footing compared to many competitors.

The history behind the service offers some reassurance to make up for it if we operate on the assumption that Mr. Evans has indeed been operating in this field for the 20 years claimed but that is still an assumption. On balance I believe this to be a huge gamble with the potential loss not just being the money you could lose on betting, but on the fact that you could condemn £85 of your money to a system that offers no refund in the event you are unsuccessful.



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From: Simon Roberts