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Premier League Mastermind Review

Premier League Mastermind is a subscriber based service that provides its user base with the likely outcomes of Premier League matches based upon statistical analysis. The service is backed up by Spotlight Football who are a professional management service for a number of sports betting advisors online. It is marketed towards football fans who like to gamble on the results of their favourite sport.

For the subscription fee of £49 plus 20% VAT (making a total of £58.80) subscribers receive information for 28 days at which point they have to re-subscribe to continue receiving updates. The alternative subscription offered by Premier League Mastermind is to pay for a subscription that lasts a complete Premier League Season. This comes in at a one off fee of £199.00 plus 20% VAT (making a total of £238.80).

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Once the subscription fee is paid players have no other real investment other than the amount that they wish to place in bets on a given outcome. This makes it a potential winner for people who don’t necessarily want to spend huge amounts on starting a venture up. Subscribers are then sent potential return amounts based on various bets and which bookmakers are offering the best rates for them.

The system works by analysing a whole series of statistics based around both teams current home and away form as well as previous results of meetings between the two sides. These go into quite considerable detail and are well researched meaning that any recommended bets are not just based on “insider tips”, but have a foundation that subscribers can see and understand. The current success or “win” rate based on their most likely outcomes is around 50% in the season so far.

The site is quick to point out that it is not a flawless system and that there is always the possibility of losses being incurred. Further to this they do not offer a refund or guarantee of any sort except under conditions they deem to be exceptional.

On balance the service offered seems to have a degree of legitimacy and may offer subscribers the upper hand to a degree, although this is more likely to be from placing bets on events that they would usually look to avoid due to the uncertain nature of them (i.e. number of corners, card shown before a certain number of minutes). Because of the volatile nature of football the odds on these types of bets seem to be very favourable when they win, but the operative word in that sentence is definitely when.

Premier League Mastermind is operated by Betfan Limited and is registered at:

Betfan Limited
65 Morden Hill
SE13 7NP



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