Premier League Tipster Review Graham Furness

Premier League Tipster is a new tipster service which is operated by one Graham Furness. As the name suggests, it is based around making money through betting on the Premier League and teams from within it.

Introduction to Premier League Tipster

Football tipsters services are always something that is interesting to me. Horse racing is, by and large, focused on the UK and Ireland. This is because there is enough variety and activity in the calendar to bet every day. Football is a different beast though and I can say with confidence that my knowledge of obscure divisions has definitely improved over the years.

I mean, it makes sense that Finland has multiple divisions. But did you know that the Finnish third division is called Kakkonen? It is this kind of obscure league where you can know more than the bookies, and as such, get better value. To bet exclusively on the Premier League and be genuinely profitable would involve being right almost all the time or finding value where others can’t.

Graham Furness claims that he is able to do this with Premier League Tipster. I am cynical of this, but none the less, I want to have a look at Premier League Tipster and see whether or not it can deliver.

What Does Premier League Tipster Offer?

According to Graham Furness, there is a lot on offer with Premier League Tipster. In fact, technically speaking, you are getting access to numerous products in Premier League Tipster. This includes “Premier League Tipster” by name, as well as Over/Under Bets, Correct Score Bets, English Cup Bets as well as European Cup Bets – Featuring English Teams.

Also mentioned in the sales material for Premier League Tipster are vague notions“Tailored Tips”, “Professional Advice”, as well as the obvious statement of “Tax-Free Winnings”. All things that I would expect from any tipster service.

Some of the claimed results advertised on the website:

premier league tipster review In spite of making Premier League Tipster sound like something special however, the truth is that Premier League Tipster is a pretty typical football tipster service. Now, the niche aspect of Premier League Tipster means that you won’t receive selections every day. That should go without saying. When you do receive selections, you can expect them to be sent out directly via email.

In terms of the bets, Premier League Tipster has the potential to be a high volume service. To be fair to Graham Furness, this is again down to the restrictions of betting on just one league.  With the majority of weeks only having 3 days of football. Whilst betting may be pretty concentrated, this is somewhat made up for by the sheer variety of bets. Premier League Tipster involves betting on multiple markets ranging from goal markets, win bets and through a “bonus” product, accumulators.

I find it to be both interesting and frustrating to note that there is no mention of any staking plan for Premier League Tipster. Using some of the few examples of evidence provided for Premier League Tipster, there is an implication that you should be backing bets to level stakes. I say this as Graham Furness shows that some bets have supposedly won based off £10 stakes. I should point out however that this is about your lot with Premier League Tipster.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for Premier League Tipster. This is claimed to stand at an incredibly impressive figure of 62%. If this is genuine, then it would represent one of the strongest strike rates that I have seen. It is worth noting however that Graham Furness provides no real evidence to back this up. As such, I am not actually sold on the “fact” that 6 in 10 bets will win through Premier League Tipster.

How Does Premier League Tipster Work?

Those who are looking for insight into how Graham Furness finds his selections for Premier League Tipster will be disappointed. We are told that Graham Furness has been tipping for the last 15 years and that s about it really. The fact of the matter is that most of the sales material for Premier League Tipster is based around why it is a good idea to subscribe to the service without ever really telling you why.

This is a problem for me because as I have gone on record as saying a number of times, I believe that punters should be able to make a purchase with an understanding of what they are getting themselves into. In the case of Premier League Tipster, you are essentially being told that Graham Furness is good and so you should trust him.

With more supporting evidence I might be inclined to overlook the lack of a described selection process. Unfortunately, said evidence is also scarce. This means that you are buying Premier League Tipster on the grounds that the person selling it states that it is “the most successful football tipping service that ever existed”.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to subscribe to Premier League Tipster, then Graham Furness only provides one option. This is to pay a one time cost of £29 in order to receive his selections for the rest of the season. This represents a seeming bargain when you consider that all of the elements that Graham Furness says make up the service are supposedly worth £349. This is a claim that I would refute entirely.

It is worth noting that payment is handled through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is advertised in the sales material of Premier League Tipster, however it is not particularly prominent.

What is the Rate of Return?

Zz claims that on average, his members make “£430 – £1,270” per month. This is a massive window that comes almost entirely without context. There is no mention on what is staked to achieve these profits for example. Nor is there any proofing outside of a few example bets. These show a profit of more than £4,400 to £10 stakes and frankly, I do not believe that they are genuine.

Conclusion to Premier League Tipster

If you found yourself being attracted to Premier League Tipster I don’t think that I would blame you. Zz’s marketing approach is actually quite subtle and I think that it is fair to say that a lot of it looks great on paper.

The profits, for example are pretty believable if you were staking £100 per point. There is of course what appears to be proofing provided for Premier League Tipster too. Unfortunately, this is highly selective and is very unlikely to represent any realistic results.

There is more than this however. The fact that there is simply no discussion about what the selection process entails is a problem for me. I have looked at services before now and happily overlooked this due to other supporting evidence but in the case of Premier League Tipster, Graham Furness just doesn’t help himself.

The fact of the matter is that when you really boil it down to its core components, Premier League Tipster is supposedly successful because a stranger on the internet says they’ve done something successfully for 15 years.

When it’s put in the cold light of day like that, it becomes very apparent to me that Premier League Tipster has little valid claim in terms of being genuine. It isn’t even like you can look at the low cost (because I will say that Premier League Tipster is cheap) and consider it value for money, because not paying a lot for crap is still paying for crap. You just don’t do it.

With all of this in mind, I cannot really think of a reason to recommend Premier League Tipster. There is arguably the price, and I suppose if you really want to trial the service with the 60 day money back guarantee in place, you won’t be out of pocket betting on paper.

For my money though, I would rather spend the time and effort on something that can actually deliver on its claims rather than trying to sell you something questionable for a quick buck.

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