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Premium Boxing Tips Review

Premium Boxing Tips is a sports betting tipster service which has been operational for some time. As the name suggests, it involves betting in the rather niche area of boxing.

Introduction to the Premium Boxing Tips  service

In the world of betting there are certain sports that come up much more frequently than others. Horse racing and football are very obvious examples. Golf and tennis are probably not too far behind. One sport that is very often overlooked (I have looked at just a small handful in my time) is boxing.

On paper, I am not certain why that is, however I will acknowledge that most of them are now gone. Premium Boxing Tips does seem to have some very positive long term results though going all the way back to 2015.   

What Does Premium Boxing Tips Offer?

Boxing tipster services have always been a bit unique in so much as bets can be something of an infrequent thing compared to other sports. Premium Boxing Tips is a prime example of this with the team sending out selections on a weekly basis.

premium-boxing-tips-reviewLogistically, it doesn’t seem like Premium Boxing Tips is breaking any new ground which means selections being issued directly to the email linked to your Paypal account. One thing that does stands out to me about Premium Boxing Tips is that the team say “We try to use the most reliable of bookies to ensure you have the opportunity to make a profit without fear of being limited.”

In terms of the bets themselves, Premium Boxing Tips utilise a lot of different bet types. These range from a fighter to win, to fights ending in certain rounds or going the distance, or a win by KO.

The bread and butter appears to be a number of parlay bets though. This is also where the large majority of profit appears to come form. The volume of bets advised through Premium Boxing Tips can be on the higher side of things but given that they are advised weekly this isn’t really problematic.

Looking at the staking plan is where I find that Premium Boxing Tips starts to look a touch unnerving. Bets are advised at anywhere from 1 point on a bet all the way up to 10.

Again, tying in with the fact that this is a weekly tipster service, I don’t find that the costs are necessarily prohibitive, however if you do want to consider Premium Boxing Tips then you should keep in mind that you may require quite a robust betting bank. Especially when there are losing streaks which on occasion there unavoidably are.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for the service. None of the aforementioned concerns matter if Premium Boxing Tips is winning all but the occasional bet. Of 442 bets, 172 of them have been losses with 7 void. This means that 263 bets have won making for a very respectable strike rate of 59%, a fantastic result for Premium Boxing Tips given that the service has been operational since 2015.

How Does Premium Boxing Tips Work?

Whilst it isn’t anything that is discussed in detail (rather unfortunately), it seems that Premium Boxing Tips is the work of two different tipsters. The first of these is referred to as Boxingfan and he has apparently been actively tipping on a few different platforms which have shown a profit. There is also reference made to a tipster referred to as MoneyMaker who also tipped on a shared platform. What is noteworthy is that both of these appear to have been profitable.

Moving on from this to the actual selection process, there isn’t really a whole lot said which is definitely a bit of a disappointment.

We are however offered some insight however. The tipster “Boxingfan” says that he has been an avid follower of boxing for a number of years. He says that having fights broadcast and be downloadable online have “allowed [him] to study the sport in greater depth”. This suggests to me that there is a strong analytical approach with Premium Boxing Tips.

It is also worth noting that there is quite strong mitigation on this lack of information as well. The fact that Premium Boxing Tips comes with comprehensive proofing going back to 2015 allows you to gain a pretty good idea of what to expect, as does the Twitter account for the service which is updated daily.

What is the Initial Investment?

Coming into Premium Boxing Tips, I wasn’t certain what to expect in terms of pricing. I can say now that I was very pleasantly surprised by what is being asked. There are two options available which are a monthly subscription and an annual subscription.

The monthly option is priced at £19 per month with the annual option representing marginally better value at £208 for the year (and representing a saving of £20). The payment for both of those options is handled directly through Paypal. There is also no mention of any money back guarantee which I would take to mean that there isn’t anything in place.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Ove the last 3 and a half or so years, Premium Boxing Tips has produced a total profit of 441.55 points. These results are, at a glance, not necessarily the strongest results.  You are looking at around 125 points per year on average.

premium-boxing-tips-profitsHonestly though, I don’t think that these results are necessarily that bad. Highlighting how well Premium Boxing Tips has actually performed is the ROI for the service which has been maintained at around 15%. That is a very strong result all things considered.

Conclusion to Premium Boxing Tips 

There are a large number of things that stand out about Premium Boxing Tips. Some of these are incredibly positive, some are a little more mixed in the grand scheme of things. First things first. I feel like I have to address the niche that Premium Boxing Tips is betting in.

I have mentioned before now in this review that there aren’t many boxing tipster services. In fact, off the top of my head, I don’t know if I can think of any that are still around. That doesn’t mean that there is a problem with betting on boxing. The results for Premium Boxing Tips are evidence of this.

Now, one of the reasons that the niche is important comes down to the fact that for those who are looking to build a betting portfolio will want a decent amount of diversity. Given that there is little else on the market that covers boxing, Premium Boxing Tips is well positioned to provide this. It is also quite capable in terms of results.

If you look at Premium Boxing Tips, then you are averaging around 10 points per month. Now in and of itself that isn’t necessarily a massive amount. But if you place it into context as a part of a wider betting portfolio, that is not a bad top up. Especially given that you would unlikely already be successfully betting on boxing.

Looking at the 15% ROI, it certainly goes a way to demonstrating the potential that you can add to your betting. Factor in that Premium Boxing Tips is so inexpensive and I think that really starts to look good. There is little denying that there is exceptional value for money to be had here. Even at £10 stakes, you would be looking at a hypothetical profit of £80 per month after subscription and that is phenomenal.

The results aren’t the only numbers aspect that is impressive. The strike rate is particularly stand out at 60%. There are however losses. Quite a few of them on occasion in fact. That can be problematic for some people, especially when you start to factor in the staking plan. Because Premium Boxing Tips involves staking as much as 10 points on a given bet, it doesn’t take a lot to have a very negative affect on your betting bank.

These negatives have to be documented but I don’t think that they really chance my thoughts on Premium Boxing Tips. This is a very strong service which is incredibly reasonably priced. Factor in that it operates in such a unique niche and I think that you have something that is worth some very serious and genuine condition.

Admittedly, Premium Boxing Tips isn’t necessarily going to work for everybody, in no small part down to the risk that the staking plan comes with, it could remain a serious contender for anybody who wants to build a betting portfolio.  


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From: Simon Roberts