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Premium FX Scalper Review

Premium FX Scalper is a piece of Meta Trader 4 compatible Forex trading software. It allegedly generates a near risk free profit through scalping.

What does the product offer?

Premium FX Scalper is a set of indicators for your chosen Meta Trader trading platform. As well as the software a complete and detailed step by step user guide is supplied. Premium FX Scalper is claimed to be almost risk free by its (unnamed) creator although there is no evidence of an actual rate of this. There are the usual claims for a product of this nature like it’s easy to use etc. with Premium FX Scalper claiming to simply require you to enter and exit trades at a given time.

How does the product work?

Linking back to this lack of details, trying to get information on why Premium FX Scalper is so profitable and low risk is almost impossible. The closest to an explanation as to how the software is able to achieve this is the claim that using Premium FX Scalper is like having a professional trading specialist in your house, a claim that is unsubstantiated and ultimately tells us nothing.

What is the initial investment?

Premium FX Scalper is available for a one off payment of $84. There is also a 60 day return policy in place as Premium FX Scalper is sold through ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

This is information that is rather conspicuous in its absence. Given the fact that Premium FX Scalper is at its heart a money making product the only hint you get as to the profitability is an easily missed line that claims 100 pips profit per day. The dollar value of this is then dependent on your investment.


I am frankly far from wowed by Premium FX Scalper. There are a lot of claims made that it doesn’t really seem able to cash. Even standard “evidence” is missing such as details of potential income or even something that actually shows the product in action. The screenshots that are provided could very well be made after the event with select charts and a crude knowledge of a photo editing suite.

The only thing that I can absolutely state Premium FX Scalper has going for it is the 60 day money back guarantee provided by ClickBank.



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From: Simon Roberts