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Premium Soccer Trebles is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is being offered through Premium Sports Tipsters. There are some impressive results so far, however, there is considerable risk.

Introduction to Premium Soccer Trebles

It has been some time since I’ve seen a football tipster service that really excites me. Football betting can be a difficult thing to actually make profitable because there is a rather distinctive lack of value to be had. This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this, and I am quite certain that it shan’t be the last either. But generally speaking, it can be a difficult time balancing a betting bank with bets that are producing, frankly, miniscule profits. Alternatively, you go all in on crazy accas with a view to winning huge bets very occasionally.

Today’s subject, Premium Soccer Trebles, sits somewhere in the middle of all of this. It really does look to enjoy the best of both worlds. There are some really quite substantive bets that produce a decent profit, but, with a strike rate that allows for some consistency of results. I don’t want to say that it’s game changing or revolutionary, but I will say that what Premium Sports Tipsters are on to is potentially just a decent way of making money through football betting. And isn’t that what we all want really?

Of course, nothing in life is perfect. As much as I am impressed with Premium Soccer Trebles, there definitely remains some quite considerable risk. And I feel like there are some questions to raised about how Premium Sports Tipsters have chosen to frame the service. Are these things deal breakers? Not necessarily, but they definitely provide a bit of food for thought. So, with everything on the table, let’s get straight into it and see whether or not this is worth a punt.  

What Does Premium Soccer Trebles Offer?

One of the things that I really like about Premium Soccer Trebles is that it is fundamentally very simple. A service like this can easily be over complicated or stretched too thin. Whilst I feel like Premium Sports Tipsters do possibly err on this side occasionally, I don’t think it ever enters the realm of problematic. The fact of the matter is that really, this is a solid service and an example of how to do things right.

First things first, let’s look at the management side of Premium Soccer Trebles. Premium Sports Tipsters are pretty well known to me at this point and I think that it’s fair to say that they know how to run a tipster service. God knows, they’ve got enough of them on the books that you’d expect this to be the case. But they also keep things simple in the best way (at least, in my opinion).

As you would expect from a tipster service in this day and age, selections are sent out to subscribers directly via email. The content of them is… Well, it does the job. Premium Soccer Trebles isn’t quite on the level of some tipsters that I’ve seen, but Premium Sports Tipsters don’t really put a foot wrong either. Everything is just as you’d expect it to be. Something that can be as much a positive as a negative.

One of the things that I immediately noticed about Premium Soccer Trebles, and welcome, is that there isn’t betting every single day. I am generally always pretty wary about a tipster who can seemingly find bets day in and day out. There is an implication that they may be picking for the sake of it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait long period of time between bets either. Premium Sports Tipsters’s proofing shows a historically consistent tipster, something you don’t tend to see in football.

Now, let’s talk about the bets. And once again, I want to circle back around to that idea of simplicity. Sure, there is the complication of Premium Soccer Trebles in so much as you are backing treble bets (which the name very clearly states), but that is all you are doing. This is welcome in my eyes. Whilst I love the myriad of betting markets that football offers, it can be an inconvenience when tipsters start advising on very esoteric and niche markets.

Here, all that you are doing is bringing together a treble bet on a team to win. Premium Soccer Trebles really couldn’t be much more straight forward. Something that I also like about this is if you wanted to use an odds comparison site, it makes it very easy to do. As such, it makes for a service where you can generally feel confident that you are doing everything you can to maximise your profit potential.

And getting those big odds can be important. Premium Soccer Trebles has had winners come in at odds as high as 13.26. Other trebles come in at much smaller odds. But in my experience, and odds comparison site can see you getting as much as 20% extra out of your bets. At 4.00/5.00 typical minimum odds, that makes quite a difference.

This leaves a few things for me to talk about. Firstly, I want to mention the volume of bets. This doesn’t seem exorbitantly high with some days producing 3 trebles. All very manageable. However, when you also factor in the staking plan that Premium Sports Tipsters use, it does feel a little bit riskier.

You see, all bets in proofing are at 3 point stakes. That sort of makes sense to me. You’d bet 1 point on each bet, so why not bring it together to maximise the returns off your trebles? But that can also contribute massively to the draw-down that you need to plan for. At the time of writing, Premium Soccer Trebles is in a bit of a slump. There hasn’t been a winning bet for 7 games in 3 days. But that is a whopping 21 points that you are down. That is relatively substantive.

Of course, a lot of this is easily offset by the overall strike rate. Standing at a current average of 40.98%, Premium Soccer Trebles is absolutely smashing it. However, February is currently recorded at just 23.81%. Quite a significant drop, and just about frequent enough to keep this barely in the black according to Premium Sports Tipsters’s own proofing.

How Does Premium Soccer Trebles Work?

With something like Premium Soccer Trebles there are always two things at play that warrant discussion. The first is the idea, and the second is the selection process. I actually want to start this by talking about the latter, because Premium Sports Tipsters are at least somewhat upfront about what is involved, and there is also some insight that the proofing provides. Both things that feel increasingly like rarities.

The immediate thing that stands out to me is that Premium Soccer Trebles does seem to contain a lot of “common sense” selections. Tottenham to beat Wolfsberger, AC Milan to beat Crvena Svezda, and Atletico Madrid to beat Levante. All examples from the last few days. But there is seemingly more to it too. They say that they aren’t simply picking in form teams, and that there are multiple aspects involved. Furthermore, we are told that they only pick out specific “favoured selections”.

The other element is of course using the bet type. As Premium Sports Tipsters say in the sales material for Premium Soccer Trebles “the Treble bet can be a good option for squeezing more value out of betting on favourites, as returns are higher than if using the same stake spread across three single bets”. And to be fair to them, they also acknowledge the increase in risk that this brings. But I have to admit, winning occasionally at bigger odds makes more sense that winning slightly more frequently at odds of less than evens.

And just so you can really understand what you are getting into, Premium Sports Tipsters do of course provide very substantial proofing. This means that you can have a good look over historic results for Premium Soccer Trebles and get some idea of what you are actually getting yourself into. Whilst this isn’t technically a part of how the service “works”, I do think it is very pertinent information.

What is the Initial Investment?

Premium Sports Tipsters have three different options available if you want to sign up to Premium Soccer Trebles. All of these differ drastically in terms of cost and overall value. The cheapest option is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £35 per month which is inclusive of VAT.

There is better value to be had in a quarterly subscription which is priced at £75 every 3 months. However, at the time of writing, there is a limited time offer where you can get your first quarter for £37.50 (although how long this will be around for remains to be seen). The best value (by a comfortable margin) also comes with the most expense. This is a 6 monthly subscription which is priced at £90.

Whichever option you go in for, it is noteworthy that there is no real money back guarantee in place. This means that if you want to take advantage of that better value, you really need to be willing to stick with it.  

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing, Premium Soccer Trebles has produced a profit of 326.98 points in just 2 and a bit months. That is a phenomenal result and make no mistake about it. Even with the consideration of the 3 point stakes, that would still mean some 108.99 points. The ROI is equally as impressive currently sitting at an average of 178.68%. A number that is heavily skewed by Februarys current 12.32%. December and January both saw an ROI in excess of 260%.

And it is that little bit with February that makes Premium Soccer Trebles stand out in my book. It is where there is a potential problem. You see, I have seen loads of tipsters launch after a few good months, only to suffer when they go live. Now, it is still early days here. And there is still a profit of 7.76 points so far this month. But that is a massive range of results.  

Conclusion for Premium Soccer Trebles

I think it is rather hard to deny the fact that there is something to Premium Soccer Trebles. 320 points in 2 months is… Honestly, it’s mindboggling how good that result is. And because of that, Premium Sports Tipsters will likely be in profit here for a fair old while. Even losing 50 points per month would show them still in profit come the start of August. But those aren’t the kinds of results that I would  necessarily be looking at as an indicator of what to expect.

Here’s the bottom line as far as I’m concerned. Whilst there is little denying the fact that Premium Soccer Trebles is a very exciting prospect, as it currently stands, that is all that I can really bring myself to view it as. Don’t get me wrong, it is one hell of a prospect, and Premium Sports Tipsters may be onto one of the most exciting football tipster services currently on the market, but it isn’t there quite yet.

So, let’s talk about why exactly it is such a hot prospect. Firstly, I believe that there is a reasonable system behind the service. The selections that are made aren’t controversial and there is no real mention of any novelty or gimmick. There might be an argument to be made that turning all bets into trebles counts as a gimmick, but I feel like here, it is probably justified to some degree. The value simply wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Secondly, I want to look at the results. Now, I don’t really believe that you’ll see 160 points in a month in the future. Those results are truly exceptional, and I would be very surprised to see them cropping up again. But honestly, even if you were looking at half of this, or as low as a quarter, you’d still be doing pretty well here. Even when you factor in the inflation of the stakes as well.

Now, all of that is pretty good, but let’s talk about where Premium Soccer Trebles really starts to stand out in my opinion. And that is the costs involved. £35 all in for the month is, realistically, a bargain. It is significantly lower in cost than the majority of tipster services, despite results that generally outshine the competition.

In spite of all of that, I don’t think that I would necessarily look to recommend Premium Soccer Trebles. Not at the moment. Simply by virtue of the fact that it is still so much in its infancy. The fact that Premium Sports Tipsters have launched it after just 2 months does speak a little of naivete, especially when you consider the fact that February has rather bombed so far.

With that said, Premium Soccer Trebles definitely is something that should be on your radar. This really could be a real contender for one of the best football tipster services I have ever seen. But there has to be more results, just to see if those first couple of months can be even close to replicated. If it is, then this should be a real winner.  


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